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Emoji Spell Tips!

I am pretty new to the witchcraft community, but I think I should share some knowledge I’ve developed by myself- some conclusions I’ve come to etc!


Using the zodiac emoji symbols can specify whom the spell is about or for. I have simply used the Aries ♈ emoji when making spells for myself since my sun sign is Aries. Depending on what your spell is for it might be more effective to use another zodiac sign of yours. It is very important to focus and direct energy when placing out the zodiac sign, since there are multiple people with the same zodiac sign after all.

The clock emojis specify time for the spell. If your spell is to last from 6am-4pm. ypu simply begin your emoji spell with the 6am clock emoji and end it with the 4pm clock emoji. I find this extra reassuring when your spell is a constant that you want to always be active (use ex. 3am-3am 🕒XXXX🕒 clocks and focus energy). If the spell is to only work once it’s enough to use one clock inside your emoji spell.

Using flag emojis specify places and destinations. This seems rather obvious to me. The flag emojis can however also be used to symbolise things you associate with the flag’s country or simply with the colours of a flag. It is alwats very important to focus and be specific with your energy!

The Crystal ball emoji 🔮  and the lit candle emoji 🕯 are the “Amen” of emoji spells. Beginning and ending your emoji spell with these is a way of visualise energy and magic and build up magic. I prefer using the lit candle emoji for spells where the desired outcome is more of a physical nature, while I use the crystal ball emoji for mental, spiritual, and abstract spell goals.


It is very important to “program” your spells to really do what you want them to. There are a few different ways of for example cast and charge emoji spells and here are my three favourite ways:

Alarms: An emoji spell can be casted or charged by being set as an alarm. It is very simple- when you make the spell, focus the energy to, for example, so that the spell will get cast when you create the alarm on your phone with the emoji spell as the title of the alarm, and get recharged every time the alarm goes off (ex: daily). I find alarms to be very good for more personal spells.

Messages: By sending the emoji spell to friends, you can have programmed it to get cast by you doing so. You can for example let the spell get stronger and more charged by how many people sees the spell.

Posting online: I think we’ve all seen these floating aronud here on tumblr, “reblogs cast, likes charge”. It explains itself really, reposting the spell puts it on a new wall, and the attention it gets charges up its energy. This, however, won’t work if you have not programmed the spell to work like that when you made it!

So! that’s just a bit of tiny things I’ve picked up through experimenting! If you are of a different opinion or teaching, or have further information, feel free to reblog and add on!!! Have fun y’all!

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