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170120 Yeongdeungpo Fansign

Fan: Winwin, what was the anime you didn’t watch together with Yuta?
Winwin: Anime?
Fan: Yes!
Winwin: What animation?
Fan: What anime??
Winwin: Your Name!
Fan: Yes, the name of the anime!
Winwin: The name is … Your name!
Fan: Ah, it doesn’t have a name? (t/n: Winwin said ‘neo ireum’ so OP took it as no name)
Winwin: No, The name is Your! Name!
Fan: ?????Ah, Your Name!!! Thank Youㅠ

© Ten_OHO
trans by fywinwin
take out with full credit.

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Oscillating Between Dawn and Dusk (Never Day / Never Night)

Dithering and Resampling Artifacts in GIMP.  Started with two layers—one orange, the other blue—at 1920 x 1080 px.  Created a blended frame animation to fade between the two.  Dithered using Floyd-Steinberg, then exported as GIF.  Loaded into Quicktime 7 Pro and noticed some pretty awesome artifacts at 50% scale and attempted to recreate intentionally.  Down-sampled and rescaled a 250x250 patch of the original to produce the above animation.  Artifacts of algorithms designed to work with human perceptual characteristics are used to induce artifacts in visual perception.