neo nazi's

When I made the first version with only Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple people asked where all the other groups were. To be honest, there’s a shit ton of Satanic and Luciferian groups/religions and some are Satanists but don’t want to be called that and yada yada.

While many Satanic groups claim to be Atheist, The Satanic Temple are the only people who don’t believe in any sort of magic. They call themselves a religion for those who have no supernatural believes but still have a right to the benefits that comes with belonging to a religion in America.

Temple of Set aren’t keen on being called Satanists, but they are an offshoot of Church of Satan, use the inverted pentagram, and they worship Set whom they believe is an older version of Satan.

Order of Nine Angles is the most secretive of all the Satanic groups, was probably founded by a neo-Nazi (though he denies being the founder), is partly rooted in some of the Thule Society beliefs, and the only Satanic groups who advocates human sacrifice. There’s a rumor going around that to be able to kill humans legally some members become soldiers and police officers.

The Neo-Luciferian Church is based in Denmark, and when I looked up the founder’s facebook page I noticed we have a lot of the same friends. Color me surprised that I’m this close to Satanists.

scrolling through one of those black-and-white blogs that’s 80% black-and-white photos and 20% Depression Quotes™ such as this……. thing:

and then suddenly

hoping it’s?????? just a stupid edgy troll?????????

click on a link to his original posts, and it’s basically just a ton of black-and-white photography he posted, BUT THEN SUDDENLY



now i’m like…..

LMAO GOOD! be miserable! die sad and alone as soon as possible and then fucking rot! i genuinely cannot WAIT for you to die!

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wait doc martens have a racist "fan group"??? (idk what else to call it) ??? wow I'm really glad I didn't spend that $140

Yeah neonazi skinheads adopted them from skinheads and the only reason I told the original anon to stay safe with those is because apparently different color shoe laces symbolize different things among neo nazis like if you killed someone.


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Explain to me what makes Trump racist. I'll wait.

…do i really need to? do i really absolutely need to?

he’s supported by the kkk and neo nazis and i think that’s all that needs to be said.

me: hey pete 

peter thiel: you’re only experiencing racism because you’re LOOKING for it Zanab!!! stop looking for the white supremacists and the sons of odin will stop following you home from school!!! just stop looking for the neo-nazis and there will be equal rights!! 

I legitimately cannot believe that this is a sentence I am typing in the year of our lord 2017 but I’m so glad the Woody collective is here to protect us from neo-nazi’s. And if you had told me that literally two months ago I would have called you fucking crazy.

Thank you sheriff.

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Wait, could you elaborate on the Doc Martens thing? The only people I know who wear them are white hipsters and lesbians, not neo nazis. Where can I learn more about this?

ACLU, southerpovertylaw has some information on that.


Donald Trump removed the KKK, Neo-Nazi and other white supremacist groups from the Terrorist Watchlist and will focus all his counter-terrorist on ones carried out by Muslims - two years after Dylan Roof killed 8 black churchgoers & right after the Quebec massacre where a white supremacist killed 8 Muslims at their mosque. I will never forgive or carry any sympathy for those who voted for him.