neo maxi zoom dweebie

But face it. You’re a neo maxi zoom dweebie, what would you be doing if you weren’t out making yourself a better citizen?

zoom dweebie || cassie & iann

Iann got to the theatre earlyish, anticipating a line.  It wasn’t very long though, which was promising.  Truth was Iann didn’t think many people would go to some showing of The Breakfast Club on a random weekday evening in a two-penny theatre, and that suited Iann just fine.

Because really it was just a place to hang out that wasn’t as personal and private as one’s apartment.  He considered Cassie his friend, but he certainly didn’t think they were ‘friends’ enough for him to hang out at her place, or vice versa.  That would just seem…weird.  He’d never really had a friend like that, come to think about it, and Iann wondered vaguely if Cassie had either.  Maybe that was why they semi-bonded in the way they did.  Weird non-friend friend connection.

Regardless, Iann was a good friend and came prepared, tucking all manner of snack items into his coat.  And as he waited for Cassie to arrive, he watched with some shameless fascination at the couple in the line in front of him, who were steadfastly making-out for the past five minutes.  Incredible.