neo kaichi

The entire purpose of this doodle was to take a stab at trying to give Neo far more Asiatic features than before (he’s basically supposed to be Chinese). Then I decided to color it to see if he could still look Asian with his coloring.

Evelyn was inserted as an attempt for comparison (she’s supposed to be more European).

I have no idea what they are looking at, but it’s glowing and seems to be very concerning to them.

It’s also 4:30am as I’m finishing this. I guess I can go to bed now…

Tales From Alterra
original work by me
Neo Kaichi and Evelyn Obeki are both mine


New Year Trio Festival 2015☆
(or more like I went there for Aqua Force because of the number of pics I took of it=))) My clan newey♡ they are soooo prettyyyyy)

ANDDDD THAT KAIAI POP!!!!!♡w♡ lol, Aichi was taller than meXDD Sadly nuu Ren-sama at the event…(even posters….)

※Do not take the photos, do not use and do not claim them as yours※

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Ah, yes. The signature I Don’t Know What You Did But I Can Already Tell I Will Disapprove look from Darius.

I think the version of Alterra that lives in my head is the wrong one. I miss the shenanigans these two used to get into. The version I have in my head doesn’t allow me to show you the more playful side that is the true nature of this relationship. It’s just PAIN AND ANGST AND MORE PAIN AND MORE ANGST and idk. That doesn’t feel right.

I have been rethinking Alterra lately. I am sure it’s because I am getting “cold feet” about pursuing an original project. But honestly…it just doesn’t feel ready like I thought it did.

I want to do something more fun. Like….I don’t feel compelled to write Alterra the way I felt compelled to write Conquest of Spaces.

And I wonder if it’s because I am trying to tell the wrong version of the story…

Tales From Alterra
Original work by me
Neo Kaichi and Darius Minoma are mine