neo hair


Leo’s different hair styles - ranking by @smilange ❤️️

bonus: Celine’s “favourite” hairstyle :D

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873)
“Barbe Dmitrievna Mergassov Madame Rimsky-Korsakov” (1864)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France

new WIP update! sorry for the gap in updates, i’ve been busy because of school and band concerts and stuff;;

i just finished painting the villains; given how much i’ve gotten done so far this week even without having a whole lot of time, i think i might be able to finish it this weekend? assuming i don’t have to stop bc of my eyes or anything, they’re starting to hurt from working on this too much lol

  • Neo: *Holds up a sign reading 'Neo Voice Actor Try Outs'*
  • Ruby: *Talks so quietly the mic can’t pick up what she’s saying*
  • Neo: *Holds sign with the number 2 on it*
  • Weiss: I’ll kill you with this sword that is not as elegant as Myrtenaster!
  • Neo: *Holds sign with the number 5 on it*
  • Neo: *Holds sign with the number 7 on it*
  • Yang: Oh woe is me. Whatever shall I do against this blonde beauty in front of me? She is too strong and too beautiful for me to fight! Not to mention her silky gold hair!
  • Neo: *Glares and starts to draw out her sword*