neo gothic art


Palácio da Regaleira/ Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal


I finally found the music track that puts all of the themes and aesthetic layers of the Bagklock Universe as an whole, like Neo-Noir, the mixture of Gothic/Art Deco/H.R. Giger, the Ken Ishikawa-ness on those layers, the character art style being the fusion of Boichi & Ken Ishikawa, 2 mangaka, where one of them is dead, and the Theodor Kittelsen-like washed out background art style.

All in an massive crossover universe, where there were events of series that happened in the past, happening right now in the present time of 2045, Bagklock time, and will happen in the near future, the far future, and the FAR, FAR future.

Along with the setting, the characters within it, the history of Bagklock Earth, the past tech and present tech, and everything else.

And it comes from an masterpiece of an game, that is the first of an trilogy, and is 16 years old now.

Enjoy this song and putting together what you read about the Bagklock Universe to one vivid, but washed out and alien mental slideshow. :3

~The Bat~

Disclaimer: This song does not belong to me. It is that simple.


Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) - architect Augustus Pugin, London, England, U.K. by Gonzalo Díaz Fornaro


Palácio Nacional da Pena / Pena National Palace - architects Nicolau Pires and Willhelm Ludwig Eschwege,  São Pedro de Penaferrim, Sintra, Portugal


Portugal’s Lello Bookstore may be the most beautiful bookstore in the world,

The Lello Bookstore was built in 1906 in Porto, Portugal by The Lello Brothers (Antonio and Jose) who formerly owned another bookstore a few streets away. Their new bookstore is one of the most ornate bookstores in the world, mixing Neo-Gothic and Art Dec elements (especially the facade, pictured below). Carved wood ceilings, a stain-glassed roof, an undulating, opulent red staircase, and even a built-in wheel-barrow on rails for moving the store’s 120,000 all make the Lello seem like the bookstore out of some fantasy-world (J.K. Rowling herself lived in Porto for a short while).

The bookstore experienced several decades of disrepair, but in 1995 a massive renovation project returned it to its former glory, and now it is as much a tourist-attraction as a bookstore. But oh, what a bookstore.