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Great Brtiain: Edinburgh, Manchester, Cambridge, Ely, Edinburgh, Wells, Falkland, Edinburgh, London, Wells

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The University of Toronto has the largest academic library system in Canada, and third in North America (behind Harvard and Yale). It is also the highest ranked University in Canada, and according to Times 2015-2016 ranking,19th in the world. 

There are 44 different libraries that belong to UofT, most of them are located at UofT’s main campus, St. George, but its satellite campuses also host a few of the less neo-gothic ones. 

The university was established in 1827 (exactly 40 years before Canada was even a country lol), and some notable alumni include Margaret Atwood (who is regularly seen wandering the campus), Frederick Banting, Lester B. Pearson, and me (soon). Alumni list does not include Drake or The Weeknd.

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  • Gothic things (music, fashion, and so on; old or contemporary, sweet or edgy, it’s all good)
  • Alternative fashion in general
  • Darkwave/New wave/Post punk/Gothic rock/Synth rock (audio, pictures of bands/music videos…)
  • Horror (films, TV shows, literature…)
  • Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture
  • “Dark” aesthetic in general (dark forests, cemeteries, skeletons, ravens, etc.)
  • Nature and witchy things
  • Haute couture fashion with a darker aesthetic (Alice Auaa, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.)
  • Fashion history & costumes (e.g. period costumes and burlesque, but please minimal cosplay)
  • All things Victorian and Edwardian

I’m not really in any of the major comic/sci-fi fandoms and don’t really want any more of that on my dash, and the same goes for pure gore and porn. Some is fine if you post a lot of things on the list, but I’d like to keep my dash more as a list of things I like rather than having to look for them among posts that don’t interest me.

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Palácio da Regaleira/ Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal