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The University of Toronto has the largest academic library system in Canada, and third in North America (behind Harvard and Yale). It is also the highest ranked University in Canada, and according to Times 2015-2016 ranking,19th in the world. 

There are 44 different libraries that belong to UofT, most of them are located at UofT’s main campus, St. George, but its satellite campuses also host a few of the less neo-gothic ones. 

The university was established in 1827 (exactly 40 years before Canada was even a country lol), and some notable alumni include Margaret Atwood (who is regularly seen wandering the campus), Frederick Banting, Lester B. Pearson, and me (soon). Alumni list does not include Drake or The Weeknd.


Palácio da Regaleira/ Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

Mind At Work

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 4,352 (I’m getting better!)

Warnings- Some regional wording/slang that I’ve tried to keep to a minimum so that you can keep along with the story. Also, there a slight hint at sex. 

A/N-  This is mildly self-indulgent, mainly because it’s set in my hometown, the reader character has my job and it’s based off a daydream that I constantly have whilst I’m at work. But they say, “Write what you know.” So I did!
Also, massive thanks to my @plamspringsdancingontables for looking over this for me, you’re the best!

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sagrada familia. 
the vertigo you feel when gazing upward in this neo-gothic fairy-tale castle is indiscribable, these vertical panoramas still can’t do it any justice, but at least they give you a clue…
visit this place! you don’t have to like gaudi’s opulent architecture style (some may even call it tacky) to be impressed by the exilarating ambience in this masterpiece of his career.


Welcome to Munich, the Bavarian capital

Last year, Jade and I visited Munich, Germany’s third largest city and capital of Bavaria. These scenes from the top of St. Peter’s Church typify a city bursting with characterful German stereotypes.

During September, the city comes to life as people from all over the world descend for the annual beer and cultural festival, Oktoberfest. We’ll be publishing our guide to Oktoberfest soon.

In the meantime, soak in the neo-classical and gothic architecture.

Have you been to Munich? If not, would you like to go?


The Qvest Hotel, Cologne : THE HIDEAWAY

Called das Versteck, or hideaway, by people who visit often, The Qvest is a real quite place in a neighborhood full of cool restaurants, shops and hip hubs. Owned by Michael Kaune, publisher and creative director of Qvest Magazine, as well as an art and design collector, the hotel was designed by architect Rolf Kursawe, who combined Neo-Gothic architecture of the late 19th century building with a stunning collection of midcentury and modern furniture, photography and art: a remarkable balance between past and present, history and contemporary.

The Qvest: a cool and quite cityscape with no television, just books, vinyl records and hundred of vintage and new design pieces. Also for sale.