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Part 1: Basic Movement and Attacks, and Introductory Information

Metal Slug is a run and gun shooter, and that’s the easiest description any genre name has had to make. 

pictured: running and gunning

Originally released by SNK beginning in 1996, the franchise has since spanned multiple generations of hardware and offers gameplay that’s easy to understand but hard to get perfect. Along with The King of Fighters, this is the posterchild for SNK Playmore and the Neo Geo.

Chances are you’ve at least played one that’s a similar style (think Contra! Or some older Treasure games like Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier) but Metal Slug is at a completely different tone and pace. If you haven’t played any run and gun before, you’ve picked a good series to start out with: each games’ first levels are designed to help newcomers get used to the systems in place. Afterward, it stops holding your hand and starts to beat you in progressing degrees of pain.

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