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I literally don’t care?????? if neo nazis feel scared?????? or sorry?????? or threatened???????? they support the genocide against me and other marginalized people’s, I couldn’t care less if they feel like their lives are at stake. they don’t care about my life so I’m gonna do the same and sip my tea whenever they get punched or doxxed or fucked over in each and every way

Gender is weird, and it’s perfectly natural and okay that your gender fluctuates.

It’s okay that your pronouns and name might change

It’s okay if you’re just exploring your identity and don’t have any specific label that you feel you “fit” in

It’s also okay that you don’t want to label yourself at all!!

Don’t feel you have a gender? There are people feel the same!!

Your gender is kinda in the middle of X and Y? so many people feel the same

It’s fine if the gender you thought you were, turns out to not be right for you!

It’s okay to try out different pronouns, and names before settling! (And even changing them after you settled)

You’re not alone, and your gender is 100% valid and real.

Jaden Smith’s character is black with pink hair. I’m sorry but I’m genuinely so happy and shaken to tears. I’ve wanted pink hair for years now and I’ve always drawn myself like that but actually seeing a main character in a show that looks the way I see myself?

Guess who my first cosplay will be c:


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“I would like, stare at my salad, and that was like really the first time I ever really had like flashes of the whole world like falling apart of collapsing. Like, the salad just didn’t make any sense at all, if that makes any sense. Like, ‘what the hell is happening, why is there like, little pieces of plants on a plate? Like, what is going on?’ and it’s like this little moments when like nothing makes any sense at all.”

Andrew VanWyngarden.

Fairy Tail villains in a nutshell
  • Eisenwald: Let's murder all the guild masters. Just for the lulz, y'know?
  • Phantom Lord: We should rename ourselves "the We Hate Fairy Tail club" and get it over with. We'll have to do it eventually.
  • Jellal & Trinity Raven: Y'all need Zeref
  • Laxus: I wanna be the very best, like no-one ever waaas!
  • Thunder God Tribe: We're your biggest fans
  • Oracion Seis: Let's turn everyone evil just for the hell of it
  • Daphne: *Has an unhealthy obsession with dragons*
  • Every villain in Edolas: We got the magiiic in us
  • Grimoire Heart: This is our dark wizard now
  • Zeref: I'm dying and I'm taking the rest of the you with me
  • Acnologia: One second I'm a dragon, suddenly I'm a human
  • Church of Zentopia: Idk, we're just doing what we're told
  • Neo Oracion Seis: Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of us.
  • Raven Tail: What is even our purpose in this anime?
  • Future Rogue: *Angsting over dead cat* *Kills best friend because of dead cat* *Tries to kill everyone because of dead cat*
  • Every villain in the movie: I guess you could say we're... stoned.
  • Eclipse Celestial Spirits: FREEEEEEDOOOM!
  • Sylph Labrinth: Give us shiny things
  • Tartaros: Because you know we're all about that Face, 'bout that Face, no magic!
  • Avatar: Notice us Zeref-senpai
  • Spriggan 12: #ProtectZerefX792