neo detroit

I know, I was ready to spit-love Neo Yokio anyway, but turned out I genuinely like a lot of it’s humour. It’s so surreal and absurd sometimes, just as I like. It channels my undying love for old-style comedy shows, like Ping-Pong Club, Detroit Metal City, Cromartie High School, Bobobo and Sexy Commando Gaiden.
Even with cheap animation to the boot!

we as a society should’ve just stuck with 80s cyberpunk, the right cyberpunk future (true end)

I should be living in a floating apartment in Neo-Detroit IV w/ a laser sharp fade and cybernetic implants, with neon everything and japanese fusion jazz 24/7 in the year 20XX

but nah we get kfc printer buckets and guys with victorian era mustaches + google glass 

thecuriouslolita  asked:

Despite what people said about Neo-Detroit, summer was always enjoyable to Cat. A little hot and the air still smelled slightly of decay mixed with oil and what one could only describe as essence of back alley prostitute but it was still oddly delightful. She looked forward to spending her days just roaming the park, enjoying every bit of sun that she could. However all thoughts of relaxation died out the second she spotted a familiar doctor. "J-Jim?"

Recognizing that voice all too well, he looked over to her, “Cat…?”