Imagine right after the Volume 3 credits, you see Qrow, Ironwood, and Glynda searching through the remains of the blown up ship. But none of them realize that there is a shadow walking away from the wreckage.

The camera pans over to see Neo’s boots slowly limping away. As the angle raises we see her dragging her parasol and and Roman’s cane on the ground.

Then in the final moments, there is a close up of Neo wearing a torn up Roman’s hat with a livid look of revenge on her face. The scene fades to black until only her eyes remain.

BOOM ultimate motive driven main villain Neo for the sext 100 Volumes.
RWBY Spoilers below


I’ve been seeing a lot of things where people are wondering what Roman and Neo’s relationship is. I just really want their relationship to be where Roman cares about Neo above all else. Whether they are romantic or platonic, I don’t care. I just really want them to care about each other. He sounded so distraught and worried when she was blown off the airship, and remember when Roman gave his little speech to Ruby and said, “…I can’t afford to lose!” What if what he can’t afford to lose is Neo(other things too, but mainly her)? I am all game for these two assholes.