While I’m on Futaba...

You know her personal “Anonymous” ; Medjed? 

This is Medjed; an Egyptian god, so unknown that this scribble is the only known portrayal of him. Just eyes, a half-elipsis and feet.

Because of that, he sort of became a meme in Japan. Like, a HUGE meme. Japanese twitter was FLODDED with Medjed memes. 

…Basically; Futaba named her hackin’ alter-ego the Japanese equivalent of “Illuminati”.

And now you know. 

About the controversy regarding Atlus’ spoiler warning on P5...

The thing is, Atlus has been doing this on the Japanese side of things ever since Persona 4 was first released on the PS2.

You see these things? Those are all spoiler warnings. Yes, all of them. 

Atlus made a tradition out of posting a spoiler warning like this whenever they release a new game; basically, a character from the game tells the audience to please not spoil crucial plot details to people, to not randomly tweet your progress of the game where people not as far as you yet might see, etc. They have been doing this for years, but always kept it directed to the Japanese Fandom only, since they didn’t really the western fans into account all that much until recently. These Spoiler warnings are actually sort of beloved by the Japanese fans, they are a popular in-gag, that is seen as lovable in a way, even if they can be annoying with their restrictions.

Even before Atlus had an online presence, they tried to make sure their games wouldn’t be spoiled for anyone; Persona 4 actually had an IN-GAME spoiler warning, which was meant to appear right after starting a new game programmed into the code, however, that one was dummied out at last minute for reasons unknown (it’s still in the code, if you’re curious. The English version is even translated). 

In fact, during my time in Japan, I actually ran into a crane game with P4U merch, which ALSO had one of these spoiler warnings on it. It’s actually pretty funny to have Elizabeth threaten to obliterate you with Megidolaon if you spoil yourself by getting a figurine of her-

HOWEVER; Now to the problem with Atlus USA’s version of this.

As you can see, the Japanese notices were always sort of like a “roleplay” of sorts: They were written in a very joking tone, making it clear that they’re not actually trying to threaten anyone, but just asking common curtsy of you when sharing your progress in the game. In fact, most of the original spoiler warnings for P4 were regarding spoiling the identity of the killer, since having to figure the cabbage-man out on your own is, admittedly, the most tense moment of the game.  (Even though I myself was actually spoiled on that when I got to that point, cough, cough…)

Now, Atlus HAS always been doing video takedowns of gameplay videos in a misguided attempt to hide spoilers, however, those always stopped 1-2 months after a game’s release, without fail, and they never took down non-spoiler-y videos, hence why story videos of P4D were taken down on random back when that released, while full recordings of the dances stayed without fail.It was always about the Spoilers to them; never about copyright or control. 

So really, as I see it, the biggest problem here is how Atlus of USA decided to write their version of the customary warning: 

No in-universe character narration. Threatening, without the joke of someone using Megidolaon on you if you spoil the game. 

Atlus USA, instead of making a lighthearted joke about exploding kill-joys on twitter with demon magic, instead decided to threaten streamers directly. That’s the REAL reason why this blew up like it did.

What are Ace Attorney Characters like in the original Japanese Version?

mxearthling asked me:

hello!! i found your AA “pronoun” and honorifc post in the tag and it was really interesting!! i was wondering if you could expand on blackquill, edgeworth, and klavier in particular when it comes to how they refer to themselves/what others call them? i am INSANELY curious.

This is an interesting Question I got a while back. Now that I’ve replayed some of the games AND am playing Spirit of Justice I feel more up to try and answer it. That said, I am going to go through all Ace Attorney main characters, meaning Defense Lawyers, Detectives, Assistants and Prosecutors, and will give you a profile of how they were written in Japanese, comparing it a little to the original. 

This post might be edited when I realize I misremembered something or learn something new.

That said, let’s go!

Currently on this list:

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Mia Fey
  • Maya Fey
  • Miles Edgeworth
  • Dick Gumshoe
  • Pearl Fey
  • Franziska Von Karma
  • Ema Skye
  • Kay Faraday
  • Apollo Justice
  • Trucy Wright
  • Athena Cykes
  • Klavier Gavin
  • Simon Blackquill

Phoenix Wright

Japanese Name: 成歩堂龍一(Naruhodô Ryûichi)

Japanese Name Meaning: “Naruhodô” is a pun on “Naruhodo”, a Japanese phrase akin to the English phrase “I see(what you mean).” “Ryûichi” means “Dragon”, and the ending of the name indicates that he was the firstborn son of his family. This “Dragon” is presumably what served as the inspiration for naming him “Phoenix” in the English localization. 

Refers to himself as: “Boku”, a rather soft-sounding way for men to say “I”, albeit it’s still less formal than “Watashi” would be. This makes me sound younger than a professional who would be using “Watashi”, since older men tend to prefer “Watashi” in their work life. While we’re at “Boku”, contrary to what you may have heard, women *do* use it veeeeeery rarely, albeit women using this in real life are usually seen as eccentric and odd. It’s more common for women to use it in poetic writing, though. In any case, Phoenix’ “Boku” is written in Hiragana, indicating that it sounds especially soft, hinting at his generally mild-mannered personality. 

Referred to by the Textboxes as: “Naruhodo”, with a short “o”, openly acknowledging the pun.

Referred to by others as: Maya, Pearl and Mia call him “Naruhodo-kun”, with the short “o”. Trials and Tribulations indicates that Phoenix tried to stop Mia from constantly cutting off the “O” in the end of his name, but she never did, so the punny nickname stuck. Larry and Edgeworth both call him by his last name, “Naruhodô”, without a honorific, which is common among male friends. Apollo and Athena correctly refer to him as “Naruhodô-san” (with the long “O”). Trucy calls him “Papa”, which explains the writing on his beanie. The Judge calls him “Naruhodô-kun”. Blackquil calls him “Naru-no-ji”.

His Speech-style: Somewhat casual, he does sound like a pretty typical, mild-mannered young man, using less polite forms when talking to Maya and more polite forms when talking to certain witnesses or the Judge. He uses the very common, polite “Desu-Masu” forms (which most people in Japan use when they’re talking to anyone other than their closest friends and family) a lot more frequently than a lot of other characters in the series.

Notes: Probably the character who carried over best in the translation. His averageness definitely helped.

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It Takes Time (Gang au)

A/n: I figured out how I want to do this series for now which is introducing each member on their own. So heres Jungkook first. It’s not very climatic right now. Also I’m sorry it’s so short I just wanted to get something out because its been a long time since I’ve last updated this whoops plus I’ve had some anons rushing (which I understand, I mean its literally been months.) Enjoy!


He threw you into the room and you landed on the cold floor. “Now stay here until someone comes to get you,” he turned and laughed, “if someone ever comes to get you.” Jimin shut the door and left. Out of sight out of mind for him. You backed up to the corner of the room, not staring up to meet the other girls. “H-hi I’m Neni but everyone calls me Pip-” Jimin barged back in and threw a piece of cloth at you which you realized was a dress. 

“Wh-what’s this?” You asked him. 

“Your new uniform!” He said cheekily. 

“Here? In front of everyone?” You asked softly. 

“Well yeah?,” he laughed, “do you see any other rooms? Unless you wanna change out in the hall? But if someone comes out I won’t stop them from touching you.” He looked down at you and grin. “So what’s it gonna be girly?“ You pointed to the door. 

"No-” Neni started saying but was cut off by Jimin, “Hey! Shut it!” He lifted his hand up to her to make her flinch then put it back down, “That’s what I thought. Now come on girly let’s get you changed.” He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you out. “Go ahead don’t be shy.” He shut the door behind you. You started taking off your shirt when Jimin started running up and down the hall slamming and banging against the walls yelling, “Fresh meat! Fresh meat! A cute little gal! Get it while it’s hot!” You realized you made a big mistake when men started coming out of their rooms. 

“Hey what’s all the ruckus?” A brown haired man asked as he rubbed his hair looking as if he just woke up. 

“Well Hobi and comrades, we have a new one with us today. It’s her first day, in fact, it’s her first hour.” Jimin answered. 

“So the freshest of the fresh I see.” An evil smirk popped up on his face. “Guess I better get to it before they do.” He walked faster towards you along with the other men. You quickly put your shirt back on and backed up against the wall at the end of the hall. Tears making their way down your face. All the men looked down at you like a group of hound dogs ready to attack. 

“She’s very pretty.” One said. 

“Yeah look at that hair.” Another spoke picking up a sliver of your hair. 

“Look at her curves. Wooh, mami let me getta slice of you?" 

They all kept saying sexual things about you, making you crying even harder. "Alright alright alright alright, that’s enough pigs. Go back to your room.” A man got in between you and the crowd but none of them listened. “NOW!” He yelled making everyone drag themselves back into their rooms and slam their doors.

“Man, Jungkook you’re no fun.” The guy named Hobi said while putting his hands against the back of his head and walking away nonchalantly. 

“And you’re a dick.” He said back, “Jimin she’s coming with me.”

“We gotta take it up with Namjoon first though?…" 

"I said she’s coming with me, so that means she’s coming with me.” He hovered over Jimin with his teeth clenched. Jimin put his hands up in surrender.

“Whatever man but if he comes by, I’m blaming you." 

"Yeah, yeah whatever wimp. Now come on.” He turned to you. “Stop crying and let’s go!” He waited for you to pick yourself up and wipe your sleeve against your face. You looked up at him to see his still face. He twirled back around and headed down the other side of the hall then took a right. You guys walked to the third door then entered. He closed the door then sat at the edge of the bed. You stood there, confused on what to do. “You could sit down if you want.” He said patting the bed. “If you wanna lay down take your shoes off okay?” You nodded in response. “Your not much of a speaker are you?” You shrugged making him chuckle. “Hey it’s okay, it’s just me. Jungkook! I just saved you, well kind of.”

“Kind of?” You questioned softly. 

“Even if I didn’t step in, Jimin wouldn’t have let anything happen to you. I mean I hope.” He put his head on his hand as if to think about it. “Nah, nah, he wouldn’t have. Well I mean if you haven’t done anything to him but I heard you’ve only been here for an hour so I don’t think you’ve fucked up already. Have you?” You shook you’re head furiously. “Didn’t think so. Waah you’re so pretty. What’d you do to get down here?" 

"M-my brother got into some trouble with another gang, a smaller one. They wouldn’t leave him alone and I didn’t know what to do so I tracked down Namjoon to help. I told him I’d repay him back for the damage but I couldn’t gather up all the money. So here I am, for exchange of my brothers freedom really.” Jungkook just stared at you with wide eyes. 

“That’s the most you’ve talked and your voice is so light and pretty.” You smiled and looked down. “Well I’m going to shower… don’t try to escape okay? It’s much worse out there than in here.” He grabbed a shirt and pajama pants from his drawer. “But if do escape, don’t get caught. They’ll take care of your family in front of you then you after… trust me, it’s not something you want to see…” he looked down and slowly walked to the bathroom that was connected to his room. He shut the door and ran the water. You took this as a chance to change your outfit and look around. There wasn’t a closet, just a drawer with a tv on it and a nightstand. The window above the bed had bars. 

“I’m being held captive…” you looked outside only to see crates next to crates next to crates. Behind them all was just forest. You took a peak into Jungkooks nightstand and found a small picture. It was of a lady with an older woman next to her and two kids in front of them. “Oh. That kind of looks like Jungkook.” You set it down and kept looking. Not much was in there and all the other drawers were filled with flimsy clothes. You’d think for a gangster they’d have better quality clothing but I guess this isn’t a fashion business. You heard the water shut off and quickly jumped onto the bed, sitting on the side closest to the wall. “I see you’re ready for me.” He smirked as he walked into the bedroom. “I’m just kidding I know Jimin had you wear that.” You nodded your head making it known you heard him. “So what do you wanna do?” He asked but all you did was shrug. “Uhm you wanna watch tv? Here.” He handed you the controller.

“No thank you.” You handed it back. 

“Okay then I’ll watched tv and you could just sleep?” You nodded. “Okay cool.” You laid down, not going anywhere near Jungkook. “Here.” He handed you a blanket. 

“Thank you.” You said softly.

The last thing you remember was falling asleep as Jungkook watched tv and now here you are up while he’s sleeping. You sat up a little and looked out the window, curling your knees up to your chest and hugging them. “I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry dad… I’m sorry Jay. I wish I could’ve done better for this family. I should’ve done better for this family. I got Jay away though… I hope you can look after him okay?” You felt a warm stream roll off your face. They wouldn’t stop coming and you started to breathe heavier. You couldn’t stop yourself from crying frantically. And that’s when you felt the body next to you start moving. He shifted his weight towards you. 

“Can you keep it down?” He said in a harsh tone. “I said shut it!” He raised his voice but you couldn’t stop. “Goddamn it! I’m trying to help you! But I can’t if you won’t let me sleep! I have to work tomorrow…” so you tried. You really did but all the loud sniffling and small squeaks irritated him. “That’s it!” He grabbed you by the back of your neck and slung you across the bed onto the floor. “You’re going back to the flower room!” He got up, still having a grip to your neck, squeezing it so you wouldn’t get out of his hold. He opened the door and walked down the hall. 

“No no please!” “I don’t want to go back there!” “My neck! My neck! Let go!” You shrieked, trying to grab at his hands. All your screaming woke some of the men up. They peeked their heads through their doors looking tired and disoriented. One caught your attention. You guys stared at each other for what seemed like a while but was only mere seconds. You were in too much pain to actually see any features to the male other than his eyes. 

“Brought her back already? Poor thing wasn’t up to your standards? Aish Jungkookie, maybe you need to stop being so rough!” Jimin smirked as he opened the door. “Let the bitch in.” He said with a slight bow and his hands gesturing towards the inside of the room. 

Jungkook threw you down on to the floor only to leave with one phrase, “I tried.”

skyandrobots  asked:

All this translation chat has gotten me curious; would you say that English is, on average, a blunter language than Japanese? Like, I know all languages have their different nuances, but I wonder if some of the rougher patches in translation are just because of these nuances not really matching up in a way. I hope this question makes sense. I'm not really sure how to word what I'm thinking of. (Please never stop the Translation Chat btw; it's always super fascinating to me).

You actually are guessing completely right here! English IS a lot more blunt than Japanese!

In fact, there’s terms for this in linguistics: High-context languages VS Low-context languages.

German and English are low-context languages: In our languages, everything is said straight out, you don’t require a lot of reading between the lines to understand what a sentence means. Syntax is tuned to convey semantics; No matter what context a sentence stands in, its meaning varies only very little on average. For example, the sentence “I am a cat.” means only one thing. I am a cat. Straight and clean. No ambiguity here, no hidden meaning, unless you use some very abstract symbolism. I’m a cat, that’s all.

 Japanese is a high-context language: Here, syntax does little to convey semantics to us. The words are all there, but most of them are more like “support” rather than obligatory parts of language. While it is possible to construct a sentence with one single, unambiguous meaning, it would be long, unwieldy and sound stupid. Nobody does that. Instead, this language relies on context to get its point across. Things are rarely said straight out, in detail, just the way we are. Instead, this language relies on nuances, things that have been said before, the social situation, the emotion something was said with, etc. etc.  Example: The sentence 「猫だ。」/”Neko da.” Yes, this is a sentence. It’s just one noun and a copula, but in Japanese, this counts as a full, totally sensical sentence. It means “is cat”. But, of course, it doesn’t mean just that. After all, when would you ever literally say “Is cat”? “Never” should be the correct answer. Instead, the true meaning of the sentence is determined entirely by its context. Are you pointing to yourself while saying this? Chances are you mean “I am a cat”. Did somebody ask you what ate all the mice in the house? Chances are you were replying “The cat did.” Did you just discern the identity of the ominous Shadow lurking behind the door? Chances are you were sighing “It’s just a cat.” All those things can be expressed with the same two words in Japanese. That’s something that’s downright impossible in proper English or German.

Additionally, Japanese has some elements of its grammar that imply emotions in ways our languages don’t. For example, the verb-form “-teshimau” (often abbreviated to “-chau”) indicates an action with finality that you feel strongly about, such as “Purin ga ochiteshimatta!” which means “The pudding fell down!” You could also write this sentence as “Purin ga ochita!” but by using “ochiteshimatta!” you express that the falling of the pudding has caused you great distress. Oh, woe is you. Alas, poor pudding, we knew him well. 

szivesen posztolnek arrol, hogy az elmult harom napot csehorszagban toltottem tolmacskent egy nemet dog fedeztetesen. de nem igazan tudom megfelelo szavakba onteni azt, amikor hirtelen egy szexelo laokoon csoportban talaltam magam.

egy ember fogta a szuka fejet, ketto a hatso labait es a derekat, hogy elbirja a 85 kilos kant. a negyedik derekkal lokte a kant elore, az otodik pedig celzott.

miutan vegre sikerult az aktus, az osszeragadt allatokat negyen tartottuk ossze, hogy nehogy kart tegyen egymasban a ket, milliokat ero kutya.

egy dorzsolt otvenes no, rutinosan szeket hozatott maganak, ugy fogta ossze a ket derekat, azt mondta 10 perc ok, 15 fasza, de akkor mar 20 perce alltunk ott, az allatok agyekabol pedig parolgott az oszlo tetemszag. 

csattano nincs, csak happy ending, mert a lecsatlakozas utan a neni utasitotta  szuka tulajat, hogy masszirozza megbeljebb a spermat 5 percig.

Szokasos esti setamra indultam, de nem gondoltam hogy ez most mas lesz, egy olyan nap, amit orokre megjegyzek. Felvettem a cipom, es el indultam. Ugyanugy volt minden, mint mindig. Ugyanazon az utvonalon haladtam mint fel eve minden egyes nap. A gyerekek jatszottak, lattam a kutyat setaltato embereket. Fel uton jartam, amikor meglattam az idos bacsit, aki a felesegevel minden nap ugyan arra setal, mint en. De most az aranyos neni nem volt vele. A bacsi lehajtott fejjel lassu leptekkel setalt. Rossz erzes fogott el, ezert felenken leszolitottam a bacsit, es megkerdeztem, hogy mi tortent a felesegevel, hogy egyedul setal. A bacsi elmeselte, hogy az idos holgy mar nincs az elok soraban. Megkerdeztem hogy setalhatok-e vele. Beleegyezett es meselt nehany tortenetet kettejukrol. Utunk vege fele azt mondta nekem "Koszonom hogy vegighallgattal, es setaltal velem. Jegyezz meg egy dolgot. Ha szeretsz valakit, mond el neki. Nem tudhatjuk, mikor veszi el tolunk ot az elet. Eld az eleted, mond ki batran amit gondolsz, es ne szomorkodj, ha valaki elhagy. Akit az elet neked szant, veled lesz. Egy teljes eleten at. "

sillyfudgemonkeys  asked:

Hey neni, I remembered you made a picture guide to the different planes in Persona (like the Dark Hour and TV world and Velvet Room etc). I can't seem to find the post tho. ;w; Could you link me to it? (and btw where would you put the Palace and Mementos on said plane?) THan you!

While I still have that graphic, I don’t entirely agree with how I drew it back then anymore, and feel a new version is in order! Here I go:

For everyone who doesn’t understand what this is, this is an updated version of the diagram I posted back in THIS POST. (Link)

It’s supposed to be a rough approximation of how the unconscious world in the Persona Series are structured, and how “deep in” all the sections we’ve seen of it so far I believe to be, based on educated guesses. 

A reminder; The P3 Club Book, which contains some information from the series bible, states that all deities are actually archetypes born from collective human thought and emotion as a means to keep the Collective Unconscious stable (tho they often lose that balance as of late), while Shadows are born of individual, personal emotions. This is why I have the entities closer to the surface mainly labeled as Shadows and the entities closer to the center mainly labeled as deities. 

However, considering that the Persona Universe is based on Jungian ideas and Jung proposed that the complexes of the human soul usually “channel” archetypes, connecting to them, it makes perfect sense that the Shadows in P5 look and act like demons and deities; the distortion of the Palaces and Mementos puts them under the influence of their archetype, and they thus act it out 100%, being avatars of the deities they are “assigned” to.

Anyway, as you can see, I peg Mementos as fairly extensive, spanning multiple layers of the unconscious realms, but not going quite to the core. The reason I think this is spoilery, so follow me under the cut

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Ne as a dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior function

Ne as a dominant function:

ENPs have Ne as their dominant function. They use it as ultimate brainstorming throwing ideas left and right, figuring out multiple possibilities and theories that others may not see. They see world full of possibilities wanting to explore them all.

Ne as an auxiliary function:

INPs use Ne as their auxiliary function. They use Ne’s gift of seeing possibilities to support their dominant function. INPs enjoy abstract things more than practical being on a constant search of possibilities to help their dominant function to express itself outwards.

Ne as a tertiary function:

ESJs manifest their tertiary Ne by searching alternative possibilities to support their actions and decisions. They use their Si/Ne function pairing seeking alternative options to their Si facts to counter. It happens more unconsciously as always in case of tertiary functions.

Ne as an inferior function:

ISJs may face problems with their inferior Ne. It may show itself with dislike of new ways of doing things. At worst it gives ISJs fear of unknown. ISJs tend to feel reluctance towards Ne but at its best it helps ISJs to feel more comfortable over new possibilities and they may develop openness to new ideas.

More about Ne:

My introduction to Ne

Ni vs Ne

Se vs Ne

koniiro  asked:

Neni, could you please comment about Hashino saying P5's theme is based on the Star Arcana in this interview if you have time? --> p5jouhoukyoku( . )jp/blog-entry-255( . )html . I feel like your insight about arcanas would be interesting to analyze this.

OHHH boy, in order to talk about this, translating the entire text is necessary. So I did that.


Director Hashino Katsura on how the Tarot symbolize the progression of the stories of the game’s he’s made:

The story of Tarot, starting with “The Fool”

To my understanding, Tarot doesn’t simply symbolize a human life from the crib to the grave, but much rather, the individual process of proceeding in life while taking on values from the people around you, realizing that overcoming hardships with only those values is difficult, deciding to start over from Zero and finally attaining happiness that way, over and over again, in an endless circle. Seen from this perspective, the name of the Arcana Number 0, “The Fool” is not to be taken to literally mean “a foolish person”, but rather the idea of a “blank slate” who is still open to absorb many different influences.

The flow beginning from Arcana #0 and ending at Arcana#3 - namely, the “Death” Arcana of Tarot, is the them of Persona 3. The story ends after the encounter with Number 3, at which point you’re supposed to look back at the experiences and values you’ve fostered within yourself. The player, who has been projecting themselves onto the protagonist up to that point, is supposed to continue this journey from that point on in their real life. That’s the intention I had when making the game, at least.

Persona 4 is the Arcana #14, “Temperance”. It’s the story of people who have already passed the point of deciding to start over from scratch and are continuing on while trying to keep a sense of balance in their lives. You’re not supposed to just absorb the information and emotions all around you unfiltered, but think for yourself and draw your own conclusions in order to reach all the way to the True Ending. That’s how the “Temperance” theme shows in the way we constructed this game.

Catherine is a story of the Arcana #15 and 16#, “The Devil” and “The Tower”, meaning it is a story of “temptation” and “ruin”.

Persona 5 is the Arcana #17, “The Star”, the theme of rising up from “ruin” into “hope”. In the planning phase of the games, I made source to thoroughly follow this concept, but I haven’t really ever spoken about this before. I just feel like the Arcana are applicable to all these different eras (of me producing video games), which is something that can really be felt, and this sort of universal interpretation of it just intruiges me.

The final card of the Major Tarot Arcana is “The World”, which stands for the possibility of reaching fulfillment in the end, so you are ready for a new departure. The endings of Persona 3 and Persona 4 are very different in nature, but both of them depict an arrival at this goal.

That same idea lies at the core of Persona 5. The idea may overlap with those of the past games, but I sincerely hope you will be able to enjoy this new game in it’s very own way, as its very own story. That would make me very happy.

So basically, Hashino makes his games with a progressive theme in mind. He tries to tackle a new stage of humanity’s quest for happiness with every game he makes, with Persona 3 being about the “basic” idea of deciding to start over from scratch (as outlayed by the Death Arcana), and Persona 4 building from there, by examining what people do *after* they’ve decided to start over, exploring the tightrope walk of character progression. (Hence Temperance)

In between, there’s Catherine, with it’s theme of basically being at your lowest point, susceptible to temptation and destroying your own life with bad life choices.

And now we have Persona 5, with a theme of *raising up* from your lowest point, finding new hope (even if it is a naive hope) to continue on.

It’s basically the philosophy he’s creating his games with, and I find it really interesting. That would naturally mean that his next game would be about being trapped in illusions and despair after having your hope crash down onto you, since that’s what “The Moon” is about. 

It’s two-thirty in the morning right now where I live, and just when I thought I was getting sleepy enough to go to bed, my brain starts thinking about:

  • How did the Evokers in Persona 3 actually work?
  • What were the requirements met for the Shadow Ops to do an Evoker-less summoning in P4U?
  • How to sum up Minato’s reason to do Evoker-less summonings as a headcanon

I could work on this later when the sun’s up, but I don’t feel sleepy anymore rip