nenets people

Hey anthropology and sociology and indigenous peoples side of tumblr!  I work for a museum where we have an exhibition right now on the Franklin expedition. I’m currently working on a talk about the indigenous peoples are the Arctic Circle and while I’ve double and triple checked it, I would love if someone with ACTUALLY MORE KNOWLEDGE ON THE SUBJECT BEYOND JUST DOING LIBRARY RESEARCH could give it a peruse and see if it’s okay?  Basically the point of this talk being Hey Guys there are more people in the arctic circle than the Inuit and the Sami here is a brief overview of the vast cultural landscape of the area and maybe if the Franklin crew had actually considered asking people who know what they’re doing they might have lived.  

I just want to be sure that I’m using the right terminology and everything’s sound. 

Thank you friends, ping me if you’re interested and can give it a looksee!