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The Met Gala 2015 Fashion Analysis: Not Too Racist, Not Very Interesting, I Think I’ll Stop Doing This Soon

So, the theme of the Met Gala this year was “China: Through the Looking Glass.” I did some research to figure out if any of the attendees actually dressed in anything that wasn’t racist, and they didn’t, except for the Chinese ones.

Here’s what traditional Chinese gowns have looked like throughout the ages.

Just in case you were wondering. And now, I will begin my fashion analysis.

The point of Beyoncé’s dress, I believe, was that she wanted everyone to talk about what she was wearing rather than the fact that her sister beat her husband in an elevator at last year’s gala.

It worked.

The only problem being that she looks like a circus performer.

I was very afraid of what Kimmy K was going to wear, because let’s be honest, most of the time she looks like Kanye dressed her with his eyes closed, just relying on intuition, because he knows fashion.

But this is why I love Kim Kardashian. When she does it right, she really does it right, and I thought she looked beautiful last night. And weirdly demure, in comparison to a lot of other people?

Kanye is making his “fashion” face.

Everyone says Kimmy K was copying Beyonce from a few years ago. Only Kimmy K looks like she’s wearing couture rather than something my sister sewed together while sewing a cigarette and talking to her cats in her apartment.

Her real inspiration, by the way, was Cher.

I thought Rihanna won last night.

I mean, look at this bitch, it was 80 degrees in New York yesterday and she wore a 40 foot long fur coat that made her look like a fantastic Manchurian boy king who got a sex change on a spaceship.

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