nendroid petite


The making of Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger!

So I used a Tokiya (Uta no Prince) petite nenoroid for this project….as I could not find a perfect nendroid 😭 but it worked out fine~ despite it being really difficult to paint the details….😭

Black and white acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Spray (to allow the paint to stay and to seal the paint)
The doll

I wanted to share this together with my Jumin Room project…however I think it would be better to split the post to prevent it being too lengthy~ and also… I just can’t wait to share it to the world!!!!

I know Elizabeth 3rd is a little big, it would have looked perfect with Nendroid sized Jumin…sigh…looks like I’ll have to make a new Elizabeth 3rd >.<! However, many thanks to @oki-j for the cat~ I’ll still add fur to her and place her around for display~ <3

Do look forward to my Jumin Han’s room!
As well as other upcoming MM projects~


Took some pictures with my figurines <3 these were my favorites out of the batch

I just got my first figma-style figurine yesterday of super sailor Moon. god i love her so much ;w; i am content <3 <3

Any props incluse my jar of glow-in-the-dark stars, Marionette mask, and extra jars I have yet to fill(yes, I love jars dammit)

Hope you like~!