All of Kenma’s boyfriends came for his high score and failed. While Akaashi and Kuroo tried their best, Bokuto was the one that actually came very close to beating him!! <3

How to Obitsufy Your Nendo

Required Time: 30 min ~ 1 hour

What you will need:

  1. Nendoroid (head) of your choice.
  2. Obitsu 11 cm Body (White w/ Magnet)
  3. Small Phillips screwdriver. Flathead will work too, though, as long as it’s small enough. (ex. the ones found in eyeglass repair kits)
  4. Small side cutter/wire cutter (About the same size as those used for gundams. They can be found in the jewelry section of a craft store, like Michael’s)
  5. Sandpaper (Fine/Very Fine)
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Possibly a Q-tip
  8. A clear work space
  9. Patience and love
  • Cu-Poche, Kyun Chara, or Chara Forme figure heads have also been proven to work with Obitsu 11 bodies, but seem to require additional modifications. As I myself do not have experience with anything other than nendos, I am unable to make a guide for these. Sorry :c


Unbox the body.

Note: Obitsu bodies usually come in Normal or White colors. While there is no real difference between them except the colors, the skin tone of your typical nendoroid will be closer to White than Normal, which looks… extremely pink, when attached to a nendoroid head.

The bodies will also be either with or without a magnet. This magnet, or rather magnets, are stuck to the bottom of the obitsu’s feet, allowing it extra support when standing up on a metallic surface. This added support is often necessary for obitsuroids, as the nendoroid’s head is heavier than the obitsu body.

Since we are using the White body, with Magnet, there will be a flat, round piece of metal included in the box. Do not throw this out.


Play around with it, because why not.


There is a tiny screw at the top of the neck.

Unscrew it…

…and pull off the cone shaped end. (Yes, I know what it looks like. Shush.)


Pull off the arms. Open up the body.

One of two things can happen here. You might have received a body that can easily be opened with your bare hands…. OR you might have received one where the seam is so tight not even a pocketknife can be wedged in there. (Don’t bother with the Xacto; you might snap the blade.) If you are one of the unfortunate souls to get the latter type, use the Q-tip.

……No seriously. Use the Q-tip. It’s easier, safer, and will save you a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. And possibly an obitsu.

Wedge the Q-tip into the socket where the arms go in. Really push it in there.


No matter, we can re-assemble it later. Stick the Q-tip in, til the cottony part is mostly in there. Gently wiggle the Q-tip back and forth until the body opens up, bit by bit.

Be patient, as being too rough can damage the pins.


Take the neck joint out. Now we’re getting to the fun part -w -

See this ring here?

Clip that shit D:<

All the way around!

It doesn’t have to be pretty, as long as the the plastic is more or less even.

Once the plastic ring is mostly eliminated, sand the rough bits down.


Reassemble the body. If you, like me, dislocated the obitsu’s waist, note that the waist socket and chest socket face opposite directions.

Close the torso.

Stick the arms back in.


Take a tiny bit of masking tape.

Wrap it around the neck. If it falls just short of circling the neck once, it should be enough. (Depending on how much was clipped in Step 5, however, a little more tape may be necessary)


Attach to nendo head. If you can pick up the figure by the head without the body falling off, you’re good to go.

Make sure the neck fully goes into the neck hole and the joint is not visible.


Bow before His Kawaiiness, mortal D:<


Update - 8/5/17: Pics have been reuploaded.


Jellyfish Vases by Nendo

The super productive Japanese Design Studio Nendo created a special installation for this years Milan design week. The Jellyfish Vases are displayed in a group setting. They are made of ultra thin, double dyed, transparent silicon, So they appear just as a sillouhette floating in the water, that they are submerged in. The Aquarium like basin is equipped with a small current, so that the vases float around like Jellyfishes that hold flowers. The double dying give the silicon the decent colors that are also very characteristic for Nendo´s designs.


to buy the iwachan nendo to accompany my oiks one… or the others hmmMM

loljk too broke to get any of the new nendo /sobs/