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so i am, by far, a huge BOSTON CELTICS fan. and yesterdays game vs. Dallas was a complete steal. it is what it is, we LOST! but know that if the damn refs would have been doing their job RIGHT, they would have called that travel Jason Kidd did instead of saying he silenced the crowd from downtown. everybody wanted to call me to talk shit……… SMFH, dallas won by a miss call, but….
this ones for all you CELTICS HATERS!

so im just webcamin’ for a minute kuz i HATE to be on wabcam but im starting to think maybe, just maybe, i need to interact more with my tumblr followers. &+ yes, i do have own my BRED 13s from 2004. they makes me enjoy this picture that much more. :) 

so i worked an 11 hr shift today in a store that only got about 3 customers. :/ the slowest day of work EVEERR. like c'mon on!!! def. felt like i worked all day. the best part was i came home to MOMS COOKING & TUMBLR. and i mean, how much better can that get right? shower watch a bit of TV and do it all over again tomorrow. uugghh!! anyway whassup with ya? someone talk to me im bored. what ya did today?

i went to Disney World very last minute yesterday super early bc my friend is moving to New York. anyway we left at like 11 at night and oh man was that tiring. we rode like every ride about 5 times. & the group we went with was so rowdy. i hate that shit over all i had a good time. & i got DISNEY PINS. ♥