It’s now canon that Midnight wanted to become a teacher ‘cause she believed she could help the students by getting them off…and she’s very enthusiastic about it.


Midnight is the one who made Aizawa become a teacher. I guess he thought it’d be too much trouble to try and quit and just rolled with it :P

Mics that guy who was super popular in school and never knew it. If one one the students wanted to become popluar Aizawa or Midnight would just be “ask Present Mic” and hed be sitting there laughing “HAHA ME? Popular??? Nah! I was just a friendly guy.”

The other two would have to sit there listing the ways he was popular. From people wanting to date him to his clicks. “Well sure i would hang out with the popular kids but-” “you didnt hang out with them. They hung out with YOU.”

Mic would be having a crisis cause he never pictured himself like that. “I WALKED AROUND PLAYING A UKULEE IN THE HALLWAY HOW WAS I POPULAR???”