WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 11 Full Translation

Marriage Registration


Squad 4 barracks office.

After finishing her patrol of the Coordinated Relief Station, kotetsu Isane returned back to the squad barracks, “I’m back~!” she called out whilst opening the door of the office.

“Wel-come w-ack w-ig sis”

The younger sister Kiyone who was grappling with piled up paperwork on the tabletop lifted her face up and replied whilst her mouth remained stuffed with suzu castella*. (*Bell shaped Japanese sponge cake)

“Oh! Eating sweets during work again!”

“It’s fine! It’s only us! I need to consume enough sugar because I use my head for paperwork”

“You did that at the 13th division too right? Without eating sweets”

"No no, the amount of paperwork at the 4th division is different! I absolutely cannot do without eating this~”

Kiyone said whilst tossing the suzu castella up into the air, catching it with her mouth before eating it. She did not stop herself from eating even as Isane chided her “Ugh! Can you not spill any sugar on the documents?”

“Oh yeah, before coming here just now, I saw Kuchiki san and Abarai kun!”

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Bleach Volume 71: BABY HOLD YOUR HAND
吾子の手かわいや さまよう手
My child's precious hand? Her wandering hand,
吾をもとめて 流離うて
Wandering and searching for me,
寄らば離れる 手をとって
Grasps at a hand that drifts away when she is drawing near.
引きて歩もう 沙汰の果て
The end of the affair is if something is pulling her to follow this path.

OKay, I really want to talk about some thing I’ve been wracking my brain over all day, because of the new chapter. Yesterday, when I read this panel on manga stream

What I thought Sir was saying was that he had predicted All Might’s clash with AFO. Demise didn’t immediately mean “death” to me, I thought he meant a tragic end to his career and a near death experience + the shattering of the symbol of peace despite his efforts.

Of course, I did notice the rest of the fandom taking it a lot more seriously. And I got a little worried that I might be misunderstanding.

And then I saw this panel on my dash

I don’t know where this translation is from. Correction: This is Fallen Angels’ Translations, which are often looked upon as more reliable. But its much more to the point and chilled me to the very bone. I hate reading it. Not just because it straight up says that Toshinori could die, but that it implies that he’s going to put himself into more danger despite his current state.

Even more that he EXPECTS to. Like, Nemuri commenting on him not taking a break

It was clearly foreshadowing and I overlooked it. It stresses me out and I need to read the official Viz translation for the panel on Monday so badly!


     眠七號  - nemuri nanagou                            眠八號  - nemuri hachigou

      sleeping number seven                                 sleeping number eight

                                                we are such stuff
                              as dreams are made on; and our little life
                                           is rounded with a sleep.