Nemosis (repost)

  • Nemosises are somekind similar to Endermen, indeed they are as tall as them and and live with a kind of pearl/jewel full of energy. The great Enderdragon and the Dragonosis were dragon brothers. So since ender come from the enderdragon and nemosises from the dragonosis our two species are close to each other. 
  • Nemosises often like near water points located in caves or up in mountains, They usualy lives in groups in villages.
  • Nemosis groups can be more or less primitives (from primal tribes to civilised community)
  • They loves water.
  • A nemosis can’t touch Gold, it burn them (like silver for werewolves)
  • Their reproductive system is the same as human’s one
  • They are most of the time non-gressive, but when they are their 3 eyes glow
  • Their skin are dark but yet coloured (not like ender’s black skin), on another side their eyes and claws got vivid colours
  • It’s not common but yeet not that rare to see a nemosis with hair (just a part or his full head covered)
  • Females do have breast but dont have nipple, they are just decorative (just like male nipples for human)
  • Nemosises like exchanging all sort of things
  • Their ability is to stock things in thir jewel, they can reduce the size of an object and turn it to energy particules and mke it fit in our jewel