Face10, cliente de Facebook para BlackBerry 10 está disponible en el BlackBerry World

Face10, cliente de Facebook para BlackBerry 10 está disponible en el BlackBerry World

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[cmamad id=”21209″ align=”floatleft” tabid=”21220″ mobid=”21220″ stg=””]Si hay algo que a todos nos gusta, es ver a los desarrolladores de BlackBerry 10 diseñar nuevas aplicaciones. Nemory es responsable de traernos un gran número de aplicaciones para nuestros dispositivos BlackBerry 10 días, y el día de hoy, nos complace anunciar que ya esta disponible su más reciente aplicación, Face10 for…

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somnus nemoris;

or: in the darkness, may you take comfort in slumber and in the memories we both held dear. - ingway/mercedes, 7 snippets + song lyrics.

1: latin - somnus (sleep) nemoris (of the wood). this was supposed to be 13 snippets but i’m sorry i just really wanted these feels out of my system so gomen this may seem too rushed
2: EYY odin sphere suffering in HD i was kinda hoping for more ingway/mercedes scenes but i just saw this post and… wHY… like… why…

ornaments. i’m still learning things I ought to know by now.

He stares, she stares and their reflections stare at them; she can see her face blinking back at her and it somewhat sends a chill down her spine. Mercedes, with her lithe fingers, gently settles the item back down on the plush velvet cushion before walking away towards the balcony. Ingway follows after her, hopping quick enough to catch up to her.

Not going to wear it? he asks.

I… I… don’t think it’ll suit me, she whispers.

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Face10 cliente de Facebook en BlackBerry World por @NemoryStudios

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Como ya todos sabemos Facebook para BlackBerry10 no tiene todas las funciones que deseamos tener en nuestros BlackBerry 10 por eso nuestro amigo Nemory Martinez para la plataforma BlackBerry trabajo en esta aplicacion cliente de Facebook llamada Face10.

Face10 de Facebook es la sustitución completa de la aplicación oficial de Facebook que tenemos. Esta aplicación es 10 veces superior en…

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crystalkrone asked:

That Ingway/Mercedes fic you wrote though *sobs loudly*

ahahaHAHA i just cleared that out my drafts since it’s been there since last year i guess??? then i saw that odin sphere was getting a remake and hoLY FRICK i started working on it again but lost motivation halfway (that was supposed to 13 snippets i’m sorry)

then just recently i saw the new endcard post and i’m like mY GOD WHY… initially i planned part 7 of somnus nemoris to be a separate oneshot but screw it i just threw in my initial fic because fEELS *cries with you*

Still trying to find my 1D footing since that’s what I mainly post about now. For awhile my dash was a mess, but it’s getting there. After a coupe of days, I no longer feel so displaced or disconnected.

I have good mix of ot5/ot4 as well as Louis/individual member stans. I’ve found some grimmy lovers. A nice bit of babybabybaby squee and the typical snark and humor. Some nostalgic bits of larry and also some tinhat debukers to keep things in check.

For a couple days there I wondered if this would feel fun again. There was the ugly, bullshit response to a newborn baby, the notion that some fans would actually prefer a deadbeat narrative than deal with reality and Louis being a man, stepping up, showing his heart on his sleeve and resembling the guy who I adore once again, the fact that the history video solidified that my beloved version of 1D is a sappy nemory, the fact that larry as a ship (and Harry and Louis) have so much baggage that it’s hard to reconcile the good parts.

But things are better, and I’ve stopped feeling so dramatic, lol. Lawd boybands. I can’t even. What are we even doing half the time?

Face10 מקבלת עדכון ראשון, רוצו לעדכן

Face10 מקבלת עדכון ראשון, רוצו לעדכן

קליינט הפייסבוק החדש של Nemory מקבל היום עדכון ראשון. ישנם מספר שיפורים חדשים כולל תיקוני באגים כהרגלם של עדכונים.

אלו החידושים/שיפורים בעדכון החדש לגרסה

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אם עדיין לא הורדתם את Face10 זה הזמן להיכנס ל Blackberry World ולהוריד אותו.

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