New piece to share: “Cycloptopus” 2012 (65" x 57" x 29")

Cycloptopus is a fearsome hybrid of two of my favorite monsters, one real, one mythical.  This creature is particularly dangerous because of its irritability.  You’d be irritable too if you were powered by an open flame and your body was made of wood.


Radio cabinets, rocking chairs, fake fireplace, decorative clock elements, cabinet knobs, wall paper, chair parts, lamp parts, wheel hub, motors, LEDs

New piece to share: “High Voltage" 2012 (102” x 65" x 24")

This sculpture uses an effect known as a “Jacob’s Ladder”.  A high voltage arc is produced by way of a neon sign transformer, and then transmitted up the electrodes in the sculptures head.  I’m personally very pleased with the movement with this one.  All the action is generated within the abdomen.  The little pistons in the ankles act as shock absorbers to smooth out the motion.


Industrial water valve, scaffold tubing, street light support arms, glass tube, vacuum cleaners, lamp fixtures, bicycle pedal cranks, neon sign transformer, gears from floor polisher, magnifying lens, drain cover, high voltage vacuum tubes, hydraulic dampers, plastic, phenolic, motor, LEDs

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be participating in the show “Gentle Giants” at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin.  The show runs the 15th of July through August 7th.  As the flyer implies, you can expect a robot flavor to this exhibition.

The artists featured are: Michael Salter, Nemo Gould, Himatic, Doktor A, Mike Libby, Skeleton Heart, Seymour, Squp, John Lytle Wilson, and Carolyn Le Breton.

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