** Sorry it took so long but we finally chose our winners**


Cutest girls

Cutest Boys

Nicest Boys

Nicest Girls

Best Url

Best Icon

Best Theme

Best Original Post

Okaybro’s Favorite

Sealfie’s Favorite

Best Overall

Thanks for joining, it was very hard to pick and I am sorry if you’re not on the list. You are amazing!!!!

Hey guys, so Dylan and I decided to do a Tumblr awards to kick off the New Year because we haven’t seen one in a while!


  • Must be following Jules (Numburs) and Dylan (Nemojii)
  • Must reblog this post (likes don’t count, but you can like for reference)
  • Post must get at least 5k notes (otherwise pretend this never happened)


  • Cutest People (4)
  • Best Humor Blogs (4)
  • Best Original Posts (2)
  • Nicest People (2) [Have to actually talk to us]
  • Best Themes (2)
  • Best Icons (2)
  • Best Hair (4)
  • Best Overall (1)


  • A follow-back from us both
  • Original post reblogs
  • Selfie reblogs
  • Eternal friendship (yay)

Winners will be announced January 2nd, 2016 to celebrate the new year.