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The best part of seeing Nemo 3D was the Toy Story short film, Partysaurus Rex.


Un fan from hell de @DisneyPixar por aquí.


A [scary as hell] WIP - realistic take on the shark from ‘Finding Nemo’. Made with assistance from my master confectioner, sempai and supervisor Maria, who baked the whole thing first and foremost, and then explained the correct use of ingridients and helped applying the blue sugar paste coating onto the cake insides [yes, there’s indeed some very fine almond cake inside this beast XD] My job in this was, first and foremost, modelling the cake basis before the application of paste [knife and soft bisquit pastry to the rescue!], and then moulding the glob into a recognizable shape. Next steps would be adding details such as piercing eyes, a few rows of sharp shark teeth, and final colouring with powder pigments.

'Finding Nemo' in 3D and More

It may not be a sequel, but “Finding Nemo” is coming out in 3D! It looks like there are a few other “Finding Nemos” we can expect as well.