nemo's heart

Open when..

Open when you…
Had a bad day :-(

There were some days where Percy felt so bad about the day so far that he would just shut off his responsibilities and stay in his cabin and lie in bed.
He loved reading the letters you gave him and each time he opened one, you would replace it so he’d keep his Percyiness. This time when he came back, he flopped on his bed and reached for the stack of letters on his nightstand. He pulled the knot that tied them together and shuffled through them. He usually wouldn’t need to look at the letters if he had you around, but you were busy with your own responsibilities and didn’t need Percy around to distract you and get you into trouble. So he found the bright neon green letter and opened with a sigh of relief that you’d replaced it.
He unfolded the paper and read the words carefully, taking them all to heart.

Hey Nemo, so you had a bad day huh?
I’m sorry I can’t be there to comfort you, and I’m sure whatever I’m doing is pretty stupid.
Whether it be responsibilities or another war going on, I love you and it’ll all be okay soon.
I want you to know that people can and will help you out on things, Perce, all you need to do is ask.
If you need me so badly right now, just go and grab my hand, give it a gentle squeeze, and I’ll come cuddle with you.

Love you forever~ Y/n 

And that’s just what he would do. He found out from Chiron that you were currently out canoeing with some new campers out on the water.
Percy sighed at the edge of the shore, staring out a the distant canoe. He willed the water not to wet him as he stepped out into the ocean and waded out towards you. He swam the rest of the way in quick strokes, meeting the underside of the canoe within minutes. He swam upwards and poked his head out of the water, He stared at you and only you, your shocked expression and the amazed expressions of the campers as they shouted, “ So cool! ” “ Is that a merman? ” He reached his arm over the side of the canoe and grabbed your hand, squeezing it gently. Realization flooded your face as you nodded slowly at his pained face. You quickly apologized  to the young campers and followed Percy into the water and back to shore. You’d deal with the punishment later, your boyfriend needs you to cuddle with him and make the bad day a good day.
Open when you…
are worried about me

You had gone out a  on quest a few weeks ago and still haven’t returned, making Percy extremely worried about you. Chiron warned him that it would take a week or two to complete this quest successfully, but it’s been three weeks. Now on the flip side you were doing well, just slowed down a little because of your college’s broken leg caused by the Hydra you an away from. You were sure it had only been a week and a half, but I guess time passes quickly when you’re chasing a stupid medallion for the war god. You were in fact, struggling through the woods surrounding the camp, carrying the wounded boy on your shoulder.
Percy paced around the arena in slight panic, he thought about going after you himself, swinging Riptide in his hand he randomly stabbed nearby training dummies in the stomachs. He let out a frustrated groan and ran a hand through his hair, falling back on the dirt ground, turning the sword back into a ballpoint pen. With a shaky breath he pulled out the baby blue paper he’d looked at more than fifty times in three weeks.

So you’re worried huh?
Well listen up Shark Boy, I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.
I’m a big girl now, I can tie my shoelaces and everything.
I’m sorry for worrying you so much… I promise to give lots of kisses when I come back!
Don’t you dare come after me, wherever I am I need to be there.
Just don’t give up faith on me, you hear me Jackson?
I love you from over the mountains, across the oceans, and to the moon.

~ Yours truly, Y/n

He stared at the last line with tears brimming his eyes, that was the words she would say to reassure him. This time when he read the letter, he ignored the part about not coming after you. He was done, it’s time for you to come home. He shoved the letter and Riptide back into his pocket, stood up from his seat on the ground and took off towards the camp entrance, he didn’t bother packing anything, he mind was set on finding you.
Lucky enough, you were just coming through the gateway when Will Solace spotted you and called for help. He took your friend off to the infirmary to get his injury’s looked at. You let out a loud sigh and sunk down against the entrance pillar, placing your head in your hands. You were exhausted from the long journey and reeked of Hydra slime.
Percy stopped dead in his tracks, his mind went from running off to gripping you tight and not letting you go. He rushed forwards, a grin spreading across his face as he clung to you. You gasped lightly at the sudden contact, your instincts kicked in and you ended up pinning him to the ground with a dagger to his throat. He was surprised but he still had that goofy grin spread across his face, even though you almost killed him.
You let out a breathy laugh as you dropped the dagger to the side and hugged him tightly. It was a weird sight for other campers but for the two of you, you were the only people on earth.

Believe in yourself, you got this :))


I saw Finding Dory and I am in love with Nemo and Dory’s relationship.

Nemo never grew up with a Mom, something he never complained about. Dory has a special place in Nemo’s heart.

Dory lives with Marlin and Nemo. Nemo has grown in Finding Dory, mostly from the adventure he went on. Dory has taught him to grow as well because he learned from being around her. He doesn’t let her disability get in the way considering he was one too.

Nemo and Marlin’s relationship has grown as well. They learn off from one another in the movie.

Nemo looks at Dory as a mom figure because she’s the longest female figure to stay in his life. The hug they share is precious.

Any hug the characters show is a heartwarming moment to see how far the characters have come.

Krin and Nemo share a very happy and loving marriage. 

Krin is very loyal to Nemo and becomes weak when it comes to him. He’s grown very attached and dependent on Nemo’s constant affection and attention. With Nemo around, he now knows what it feels like to be loved and to belong. Knows what it feels like to want to protect something. He has a family now. Something he has never had. And it was all thanks to this frail beautiful stallion.

Nemo shares a very deep love with everypony. It’s a part of his character. To make everypony feel loved and important. But Nemo’s heart belongs to Krin. It took quite a long time to be able to open himself to another stallion. His heart was broken once before. Practically stomped on. But after looking into Krin’s eyes, Nemo could tell that his words were true. And fell into Krin and slowly opened himself to him. He’s very happy to be Krin’s wife. Because now it only means that this stallion wants to keep him forever and be by his side.His loyal, caring, and loving wife.