Finding Dory Rings are here!  I used a new site to design many of these rings (all but Dory and Hank) has Alexandrite and Opal options that Gemvara and Diamondere don’t offer. They also have some other setting designs

// ok sorry for spamming with a long post of icons, yet AGAIN– but this will be the last one I promise. So, I know it’s been all goofy/funny till now, but oh my god? I found the scene where Darla has the plastic bag with Nemo in it. It shows the Tank Gang watching him, and…. during the parts where Nemo’s trying to play dead, and when Darla starts violently shaking the bag…. Gill’s face?

and then Darla starts WAILING on that thing, and he just

and then he

^ (and a second after that shot he shoots off toward the volcano)

…..I am actually deceased


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage by Christopher Fong

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Mina hummed as she held a basket covered by a blanket. The basket was actually filled to the brim with Nemo Crystals. Her plan to visit the Nemo World to buy a slave was interrupted when she sorta kinda slammed into the owner of the house, Lumi.

{{ L }} It had been about a week, give or take a few days, since the female had been taken in and Lumi was less annoyed but still very much annoyed to have a new member taken in without his consent. Avis and met the other as well bit Gizmo, who pops in and out to visit Lumi and them plus she likes to get out of her warehouse once in a while, both females find tge Nemo cute…only Gizmo said it only.

“Where are you off to in such a rush?”

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First time Winnie and Alfie went to the aquarium.

It was Rafael’s fault they even wanted to go.

They were three years old and trouble with a capital T. You couldn’t take your eyes off of them for a single second or your trip to Central Park will include fishing your niece and nephew out of the Bethesda Fountain.

He was a terrible babysitter, he knew this, but he could get them to sit down with a halfway decent Disney movie. Olivia was the one that had suggested Finding Nemo.

When Freddie and Frederick came to pick them up that afternoon, all they could talk about was 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, and jellyfish, and how fish are friends, not food. For days after, for hours on end, they talked in magnificent detail about Finding Nemo, and then on the next few weeks had checked every fish book out of the children’s section at the library.

They didn’t tell them where they were going to the aquarium  until after they had already parked the car in the parking lot and then both Alfie and Winnie had gasped, struggling against the straps to their carseats because they wanted to go in.

The first thing both of the kids said upon walking into the sea turtle was a long ‘duuuuuuuude’ and then they high-fived each other.

They both loved the Penguin exhibit and seeing the clown fish. They loved the stingrays and the octopi , the sea lions were a hit and they even stuck around until the feeding show.

Alfie was completely speechless when they walked into the shark exhibit, pulling Freddie along so he could stick his face against the glass as large hammerhead went by. He end went up to one of the staff and asked about a shark he’d never seen again.

“Mithter?” Alfie asked, tugging on the guy’s shorts. “What’th that weird one?”

“Well, buddy, that’s a shark is called a zebra shark,” He smiled. “You like sharks?”

“Uh-huh,” Alfie nodded seriously. “I’m gonna thwim with tharks when I grow up.”

“That right?”

“Uh-huh,” Alfie replied before becoming distracted by another hammerhead.

Winnie practically dragged Frederick away because Alfie was taking too long and she wanted to see the jellyfish. He got Freddie’s attention and told her where they were going before letting himself be dragged away.

“Are you excited to see them?”

“Yep,” Winnie said and then giggled when she saw the entrance to the exhibit. “Hurry, Daddy, let’s go before they all get tired!”

Once inside the exhibit, Winnie just stopped in her steps and looked around the room at the tanks in total shock and then she promptly burst into tears to the horror of her father and the staff.

“Honey?” Frederick said softly, picking her up. “What’s wrong?”

“They’re – they’re beautiful, Daddy,” She cried. “I love them so much.”

Finding Dory

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“Finding Dory is a supremely delightful sequel. Although never challenging the original’s high standing within the Pixar pantheon, this follow-up showcases everything the venerated animation company does so well, providing plentiful laughs, ace action sequences and a deep emotional wellspring.“ (Screen International - Tim Grierson)