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@spartanguard and @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan … since you guys asked about my theory about Nemo being the one to kill David’s father…

I don’t remember when I posted it but basically when Nemo said this:

You see, I lost a family, too. They were brutally murdered while I was at sea. I spent decades hunting down the men responsible for what happened. I killed one of them with this very blade. And when I was finished, all I was left with was an empty heart and a bloodstained harpoon.

And I remembered that David had said:

This man, my father, he’d been stabbed. He wasn’t killed in the accident. He wasn’t drunk.

And it just seemed to me that … why would they drop that line in without it meaning something. I mean, it’s Once Upon a Time so it might add up to nothing but it just seems suspicious to me …


First speed paint uploaded! WHOOT! About two and a half hours squished to 8 minutes of my designs of human Anchor and human Chum, as well @klutzycustodian‘s human!Wheatley. 


                                           I will

                                               come home

                                                                                                         in time.