I am …at lost of words.

Because absolutely no one asked, my names for female cats: Livia, Kazul, Clytaemnestra, Cordelia, Irulan, Sadie, or Tzietl. And male cats: Maturin, Magnus, Faust, Ernst, Toby, Julian, Nemo, Bereg, or Miles Naismith Vorkosigan.

There are also special circumstances: an appropriately colored tabby girl would be called Minerva, a small grey boy would be The Grey Mouser.

I think I’m good on K’s now. So please don’t send anymore. Also, I have other OCs that are askable, not just Nemo. Besides, he can’t answer your ask anyway. He’s trapped in the underworld.

Send asks to my other OCs:

JuneBug (mare)
Aporro (stallion)
Barry (stallion)
Whinsley (stallion)
Candace (mare)
Barnaby (stallion)
HeartsDesire (No gender)

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your single! shes single! go embrace your Megumi, Soma!! <3 make my dream come true

-insert Dory from finding nemo voice-

Just keep cooking

just keep cooking

just keep cooking, cooking, cooking!

I was at Disneyland last week, and I got a chance to watch the new fireworks. They added in bits from Finding Nemo, namely the volcano bit.

I swear I spent the whole time giggling and going SHARKFACE HOO-HA-HA, because I’m an adult.

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18) Dream Job: Singer/Songwriter

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