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“Finding Dory” reunites Dory with friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?

Finding Dory (2016)



“Finding Dory” reunites Dory with friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?

Finding Dory (2016)



“Finding Dory” reunites Dory with friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?

Finding Dory (2016)



“Finding Dory” reunites Dory with friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?

Finding Dory (2016)



“Finding Dory” reunites Dory with friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?

raexart  asked:

I'm gonna make a Paultryk Merman AU sorta like finding nemo; Patryk turns Paul into a merman after so many weeks of meeting each other and wanting to be together and they live happily ever after in the sea together but Paul and Pat are both captured and thrown into a boat. The fishermen separate them but one fisherman doesn't agree with it and I got more but i don't wanna spoil :^)

I’m wheezing over the tittle dude it could be Finding Patryk…but yeah damn are you gonna write something for dat?

anonymous asked:

Finding Nemo!AU where Mondatta is searching for Zenyatta, with Hanzo who has temporary short term memory loss because he hit his head hard against Mondatta's. Zen meets Genji in a place where unique omnics are taken, and Genji tries to help him escape.


they escapin!!!!!!!!!

This week on our tabletop RP

A golden man, some treasure and man named Goldfinger: RP’s getting very shiny.

  • Our characters decide to go treasure hunting. But they’d need low tide for that, and that only happens at night, so while waiting for night fall, they take a look at the glass statue of the little girl they have in their possession.
    • Elspet realizes that the spell used in making the girl must have been a combination of creation and entropy magic. They also learn from spirit Jonathon that the blight messed up the original spell, and in panic original Jonathon turned his daughter into glass.
    • At the same time Humbert takes the moment to teach some magic-sensing and general templaring to the non-mages present: Kanuuna (Humbert’s templar student), Alf, Jelaina and Will Turner (also templar student).
      • Alf and Jelaina don’t really get into it. Alf’s having lunch, no time for templar bs.
      • Kanuuna manages to sense things. At least he thinks he does?
    • In the end they decide to keep the statue, not wanting it to gather dust in the Circle’s attic.
  • Evening comes and finds us in a small island with a tree. The treasure map instructs us to go to the tree and look towards the city. Boshara decides that it must mean the treasure is buried under the tree. Luckily before she can start digging Humbert and Kanuuna notice that the lighthouse in front of the city lights up an opening into the rock below.
    • Alf wants to totes go! Kanuuna insists that he shouldn’t go first since it might be dangerous and Alf is captain after all. Alf goes anyway, Kanuuna hot on his tail, with others following.
    • The crack leads to a room. On the sandy floor there are 9 stones with pictures of creatures and instructions to make a path from smallest to largest based on who eats who and it should form a cross.
      • It takes a time, but our characters get it when they realize that spiders in Thedas can be huge.
    • They start digging, and find a chest. Boshara is so excited about treasure that she lifts it out of the hole herself!
    • She opens it, and at first it doesn’t look much, there’s some clothes and a rope. As soon as Boshara touches the rope it wraps itself around her arm. When Alf touches it, it falls off, only to climb back up, when Boshara touches it.
      • Boshara adopts the rope as a pet. His name is Roope.
    • There’s a book inside the chest, it’s the journal of Benjamin. In between the pages there’s a lot of papers with drawings on them, all signed with the name Alf. Benjamin was Sen all along, and he has left his boat as well as some money in Antiva’s bank to Alf. Also there’s a notice of debt from Alda “Mercy” Roma to Sen. Kanuuna notes that Alda is the keeper of Jay’s Nest.
    • Other things in the chest: scales (Elspet takes them), a duelist tome (Jelaina), some jewels (taken into ship’s chest), marbles (Alf) and a necklace that belonged to Alf’s mother.
  • Next morning finds us in Antiva’s bank, where the floors are made of marble and the waiting chairs are just the loveliest.
    • Humbert stops by Günther and Nestor Whiskers’ pawnshop, which is in the building. He leaves his sister’s ring with Günther, who promises to look through his papers to see when it was sold.
    • After Alf shows his paper to the bank lady, our characters are taken to meet the head of the bank Berengrad Goldfinger, who is a very tiny dwarf with a huge desk and a painting of himself hanging above it.
    • Berengrad explains that he is the executor of Sen’s will. There is 300 gold in the bank, but it is supposed to only be used for the ship’s good. Alf and Boshara, as the ship’s treasurer, sign a paper where they promise only use the money for the ship.
    • They take the sum as 250g and 50g worth of jewels which will be delivered to the ship. (Boshara instructs to give them to Cahair, bc she thinks his reaction might be funny, and also bc he is the highest ranked person currently on it)
  • After bank we drop the gems off at the jeweler to get them polished. And then go to eat at a fancy Orlesian place (Humbert is so delighted bc he gets to speak Orlais).
  • Bellies full it’s time for sewers and a golden man! Our characters find Mia and ask her to take them to sewers. (Alf also gives Mia 2 golds as compensation for services which flusters Mia, since that’s a lot of money)
  • Mia takes them to a house where they get into the sewers and find their way into the Shadow city, the place where all the criminals hang out.
    • They take a moment to assess what kind of air they should have when going there (conclusion is something along the lines of “starts no shit, takes no shit”).
    • Kanuuna talks about how it’s good for a pirate to be feared, though Alf doesn’t seem to be into the idea.
  • They talk to a dwarf there and after some persuasion, the dwarf says that the golden man would probably like to meet them. His name is Konstantine´, he is indeed a mage and he has currently gone to see about a possible new spider nest.
  • Our characters follow and find a golden man wielding a sword and a shield in a room filled to the brim with spiders.
    • Alf goes in first, Kanuuna is not very happy.
    • Boshara manages to burn Kanuuna a bit with her flame-blast but he doesn’t mind.
    • Alf gets swarmed by spiders but Kanuuna simply picks him up from the pile.
    • Spiders try to drag Elspet to the ceiling, but Jelaina catches her by the foot, and when Elspet attacks the spider with magic, all three end up in a pile on the floor.
    • Boshara is not so lucky. She is taken and webbed onto the ceiling, much to her chagrin.
    • Humbert gets bitten and goes a bit loopy. The spiders start dragging him away but Kanuuna picks him up too.
      • Noticing that he has been bitten, Kanuuna takes Humbert aside and proceeds to suck the poison off (awkward physical contact must always be recorded (it was on the back of the neck) (also our second poison-sucking incident))
    • Alf and the golden man help Boshara with the spiders in the ceiling. She finishes them off with help of Humbert’s blood and some good ol’ blood magic.
  • With the spiders down, it’s time for some introductions.
    • First Konstantine takes a chair and helps Boshara down from the ceiling. When he’s done that, he stops glowing gold and turns out to be a very wiry, very tall, somewhat sickly looking middle-aged man.
    • Humbert is feeling a bit odd still, but not odd enough to not give Konstantine his name when Kanuuna gives the introductions, since Kanuuna insists on calling Humbert by his, uh, less-than-flattering nickname Lipeväkieli.
    • Konstantine gives his full-name (Konstantine Holzer). Humbert remembers that Holzers have been traditionally leaders of the Nevarran army, while Boshara realizes that she has read Konstantine’s book at the tower (she didn’t understand them much). She also remembered an anonymous, very critical essay against Circles that circled around when she was younger. It was widely believed to be written by Konstantine, and rumors had it the author was a blood mage as well. She is also pretty certain that Konstantine Holzer died a year ago.
    • She asks about the death, to which Konstantine replies that he is officially dead, but unofficially alive and not much else.
    • He pretty quickly realizes that she used to be a Circle mage as well, and apologizes that she has had to read his books.
    • When asked about blood magic, he says that he isn’t healthy enough to do blood magic, but he knows why there are rumors, and nothing more.
    • Humbert asks about how he had fled the Circle, but Konstantine evades the question, saying that it’s a long story.
    • It turns out the golden glow is some kind of ancient elven magic meant to make the body stronger (arcane warrior), Konstantine is also a necromancer.
    • Kanuuna takes Humbert aside, and asks his opinion, since he isn’t so sure about this necromancy business (or as he calls it “black magic”). Humbert advises that they should def learn more about Konstantine.
  • People start looking around the room. Aside from dead spiders, there are also dead people there. 12 in total.
    • Konstantine doubts they were killed by the spiders, instead thinking that they were probably killed by some other poison (since there was no sign of bite marks, or struggle for that matter).
    • Our characters start looking around for clues. Alf finds, in the pocket of one of the people a key and a machine that changes eye color. Our characters own a similar machine and they know it’s something Crows use…

DUNDUNDUU! We had to stop here, bc people had other engagements. But we’ll pick it right up from here next week. Stay tuned. :)

anonymous asked:

ok but saying lesbians watch anything w lesbians is so fucking true,, i really never watched finding nemo when i was younger but i ended up watching it so i could literally go see finding dory because there was a lesbian couple for 2 seconds im so weak

I can’t get past the fact that you never saw finding nemo when you were younger????

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Rules - list six movies you can watch any time.

1 - Quest for Camelot

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2 - Anastasia

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3 - National Treasure 2

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4 - Legally Blonde

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5 - Accepted

6 - Bolt

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honorable mentions: Robots, Finding Nemo, Megamind, Monsters Inc, Harry Potter 1-3, and probably several more tbh

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wander and i were in a stream and so much happened in a few seconds so like. we were playing can your pet and not clicking the bike and we looked in another tab and looked back and it was the bike evn tho we didnt click it and wander screamed and i closed the tab and we saw an image of sad nemo and then keemstar and then youtube crashed and the screen went black and rabbit restarted

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Finding Nemo AU, Mondatta following Hanzo to find Zen, but Hanzo forgets he's following him and he snaps like "Will you quit it?!" "Huh?!" "What Hanamura isn't big enough for you or something? You got a problem? Huh?! Do you do you do you? Yeah yeag Oooh I'm scared now! What? Just stop following me okay?!" "what are you talking about you're showing me where Zennyatta went!"

Three characters to describe myself

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Three characters to describe myself:

1. Marlin (Finding Nemo/Dory)

2. Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.)

3. you’re probably thinking Mitaka, but no I’m not skillful like him. it’s Kylo Ren (because I’m a punk ass bitch, when I’m VERY PISSED i break stuffs, zero flirting game, no friends) -wiggles eyebrows-

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Gonna do a couple tag things because I’ve been slow on these whoops.

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One song: Knew Better Part 2 by Ariana Grande
Two movies: Finding Nemo and Finding Dory
Three TV shows: Elementary, Minority Report, & Fresh Off The Boat
Four people: Lucy Liu, Constance Wu, Meagan Good, and Gina Rodriguez
Five foods: Ice cream, baked oranges, baked lemons, onions, and french fries
Six people to tag: @nohadon, @livingxfile, @embroyos, @beyondantares, @treesoflonliness, @lorelaidanes, & the rest of the @asamnetwork!