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@lenfaz I hope it’s okay!

Emma was buzzing with nervous excitement, mostly for the man sitting next to her. He’d told her that he was meeting his old friend Captain Nemo at the diner for lunch and has asked her to join them. She knew there was more to it than that; he’d wanted to introduce them for a while now. While he’d never told her specifically in words, Emma knew that this man clearly meant a bit more to him than he was willing to admit.

So watching his whole body vibrate with anticipation was making her feel giddy just as much. It’s crazy how the people you love can rub whatever their feeling onto you. 

The door opened and Killian’s head shot to the man who’d entered, causing a large smile to spread across his face.


The man’s attention was caught and he was soon approaching the table with a mirrored grin. 

“Killian. Good to see you again, old friend.”

Killian stood as he shook the man’s hand, gesturing for him to join them at the booth.

“And who is this?” the man asked with charm.

“Nemo, i’d like you to meet Emma. My fiancé.”

“Ah. I’ve heard many great things. it is an honour to finally meet the woman responsible for turning this old pirate into the man i always knew he could be.” Nemo offered as he took her hand in his. 

“Nice to finally meet you too.”

“May I say, you are just as beautiful as you are legendary.”

Emma couldn’t help blushing as she felt Killian rub her shoulder, clearly proud to be with her.

They settled into a comfortable conversation, all three of them at ease and sharing stories, getting to know the other.

Emma noticed Granny approach the table but something was off. The woman seemed nervous, quiet, not like the granny she was used to.

“You ready to order?” she asked them without taking her eyes from the pad in front of her.

“You okay, Granny?” Emma asked, unable to help her concern.

“As ever.” She offered back. Emma noticed her send a quick glance at Nemo before letting her eyes drop back down to the pad in front of her.

Did Granny know him? Did they have a history? She couldn’t help feeling protective over the lady that had come to be like family.

“I’ll have the usual please, love.”

“Same please.”

Nemo browsed at the menu before looking up at the woman.

“Would you be so kind as to tell me what the special is, my lady?” 

It was the pink tint that spread over the wolf’s cheeks that made it all clear to Emma. Granny had a crush. She couldn’t blame her. Nemo’s voice was calm and soothing; the type of voice that could talk into doing anything he wanted. His eyes were soulful, full of stories, both painful and joyful. His smile was warm and inviting… and yet a streak of playfulness lingered under the surface. A somewhat devilish rogue hid within. Emma recognised it well.

“It’s just chicken pot pie and potatoes today. Nothing too special about it.” Granny babbled out, completely flustered.

A nudge to Emma’s side pulled her attention to Killian who was giving her a knowing smirk, raising his eyebrows and subtly nodding in the direction of the older two at the table.

It seems it was obvious to both of them just what was transpiring.

“Well it sounds delicious. I’ll have that if you’d be so kind.” 

A smile was shared between them. One bashful, one seductive. 

Granny finished jotting down on her pad and moved briskly back towards the kitchen, fixing a strand of stray hair as she went.

“I’d say you’ve got an admirer there, Captain.” Killian teased once Granny was out of site.

“If only i were so lucky.” he confessed.

Emma wanted to cheer for the two. With all the crap going on in Storybrooke, the one thing she was invested in right now was finding Granny and Nemo their happy ending. Because if it wasn’t the most cutest, purest, most adorable thing she’s ever seen. Seeing Widow Lucas blush was her new favourite hobby. 

After mulling it over, I honestly don’t even know who of my two children is breaking my heart most.

Is it Killian, and the way he desperately wanted to tell Emma the truth, but physically (and canonically) couldn’t bear to hurt his love when she was so happy?
Is it Emma, walls-down, wants-to-marry-a-pirate-desperately Emma, who went from the happiest we’ve ever seen her to the saddest we’ve ever seen her in the span of a single episode?
Is it Killian, and the way he just needed someone to talk to, and the fact that he had to go all the way down the list to Nemo to get to someone who would stop and listen?
Is it Emma, and the way she forgave Killian instantly for killing her grandfather, believed there was nothing to forgive, because she knows he’s a changed man?
Is it Killian, always-perfect-with-words Killian, who literally spluttered Emma’s name as she was yelling at him in the saddest tone he’s ever used?
Is it Emma, and the way she had unwavering faith in their relationship, and was 100% confident that they would get through this if he’d just leaned on her and confided in her sooner? (omfg, the beauty in that)
Is it Killian, who is literally still a lost boy, desperately trying to find self-worth so that he can be the man he wants to be? That he wants to be for Emma?
Is it Emma, who had the guts to give back her engagement ring and break her own heart while still having faith in Killian and what they have?
Is it Killian, who realized that running is not the answer, and that Emma was right, and that they’d work through this together, because they are True Love?
Is it Emma, standing in the dark, made to believe that she’s been abandoned, again? That she’s lost her most precious of things, again? That she’s alone, again?
Is it Killian, trapped on the Nautilus, paralyzed with anguish over what Gideon’s plan is, terrified that he may never see Emma again? That she may die, believing that he abandoned her? 

Guys. This is too much. Like I see people taking sides, like they’re mad at Emma for giving back the ring or daring to believe he would abandon her, or they’re mad at Killian for proposing or for almost leaving without saying goodbye. But how could we be mad at either of them? All I see is two broken-hearted people physically incapable of making things right, due to the current circumstances. And that is fucking heartbreaking. My. Babies. 

Can we please have Nemo officiate the CS wedding? Because he’s wonderful and wanted so much for Killian to be happy and have a family. And now that Killian is getting married, he’s officially being accepted as a part of Emma’s family. So it would be perfect for Nemo to do that for them, and I just need this to happen.

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Dude, what the hell? The love of your life is still in mortal danger and you wanted to go on some kind of a self-discovery journey?! What were you thinking at that moment? I love you, but bad form, mate. Bad form.

I wasn’t thinking particularly clearly, I will admit. I was upset and not sure how to live with the guilt, and I didn’t believe that I was the man that Emma deserved anymore, and I had hoped that travelling with Captain Nemo might help me become him again. 

I did eventually come to my senses, but now I am trapped  aboard The Nautilus going… probably somewhere unpleasant. 

I need to get back to Emma. 

When Nemo says to Killian, “Guilt can be as corrosive to the soul as revenge.”, it is SO TELLING.

Like, guilt is Killian’s next thing to struggle with and eventually conquer because ever since he’s given up his revenge, he’s been struggling with guilt. We see it again and again and it’s an uphill battle and he’s getting better but this moment and this circumstance where it was Charming’s father just was something that hit him so very hard that he slid back.

I firmly believe though that is is gonna be a huge, HUGE step forward for him when he beats this, when he comes back to Emma and I am just so excited to watch it happen.

idk if they are doing it this way, but I hope that Emma doesn’t actually assume that Killian just up and left her at first. Maybe she goes around looking for him at his ship or something, and maybe that bartender (Gideon in disguise maybe? as some of the spec is saying) says, “Oh, yeah, Captain Hook? Last I saw, he was climbing aboard the Nautilus with Captain Nemo and his crew, heading to another realm,” so then Emma can be all ÓДÒ WHAT?! at which point she goes to Snow and Regina, heartbroken, thinking he did leave even though she thought he never would. (That’s where the whole, “I have to move on,” thing comes from, not just her saying “WELP, Killian didn’t come home for one night which obviously means he’s left me forever,” but rather that someone gave her sort-of proof that he meant to leave her for longer.)

And maybe over the course of the day, she just slowly begins to realize that things don’t add up, like him leaving Liam’s ring, the Jolly Roger, her, all without saying anything, no note even, and then she recalls what the bartender said and something feels off about it, her superpower maybe sparking belatedly, so she goes back to confront him again and ask for more information.

Sharing some thoughts with @saraswans

Despite the angst, we’re happy with the next Killian adventure aboard the Nautilus. It’s going to be a good way for him to confirm that he is not that villain of his past anymore. He’s going to team up with Nemo, his brother and the princesses, he’s going to work with them, and he’s probably going to do some heroic act on his own, because it’s the right thing to do. Not only because of Emma or the Charmings, but because he is a new man now, a man capable of doing good deeds.

We can imagine Killian helping to rescue Aladdin and Jasmine from the Kraken, we can imagine collaborating with all of them to help them get to Agrabah. And he will also have his reward, everyone will help him so he can get home, to his true love.

We can’t wait to see all the good things that await us along the way.

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Here is your flail: EVERYTHING HURTS AND I'M DYING! But omg, it hurts so good. I probably need more therapy since I'm both ugly sobbing, and giggling like a maniac.

Thank you for the flail! Come flail at me anytime. The episode was so much fun and I am so excited for what comes next. I love that CS got angst but everyone was trying to do the right thing. I love Nemo being dad (that guy needs to marry them methinks). And Snow and Hook talking WITH A HUG! I have wanted a Snook scene like that for ages. I was even into the Outlaw Queen 2.0 scenes. Seriously that was a good hour of television!