Nemesis finally shed and I can take photos of her again.
Prior to this, she had not shed in over six months and looked like a grey slug-monster and I was genuinely embarrassed to post photos because anyone who saw her would immediately assume this was a neglected, abused, filth-encrusted animal.

I tried to use ZooMed Excavator clay substrate in her enclosure to make a platform for her water dish so that she’d quit shoveling substrate into it, which turned out to be a horrible idea. I packed it carefully and let it dry thoroughly, thinking it would be sturdy enough to dissuade a pokey hognose snoot. Within 24 hours she broke up the dry clay, scratched up all of her face scales in the process, dug underneath the water dish and flipped it, wetted the clay with water and poo, pushed a cardboard tube into the wetness and tore it up a bit to make a paper-mache/clay/poo sludge, and then flopped around in it and let it dry overnight into a foul layer of adobe armor that even moderate soaking and gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush would not dislodge. She was happy as a hog in mud and being a dollface and eating like a champ, so I let her be gross-looking rather than stress her or risk a resp infection from overfrequent soaking or jacking up her humidity to soften the filth-crust. She’s been gross-looking for the better part of the last year.

She’s my sweetest, most snuggly and friendly hognose and the best eater and the prettiest girl and I’m SO SO SO glad that she finally shed and looks like a pretty snek again and not like a sandworm from the 80′s Dune movie.

Could he BE any cuter? 

At some point in the week, I decided Nemmi wasn’t a tragic enough figure, yet.  I have some plans to use the story or her and the cat named after a Friend's character, after the break up, as my mini comic idea.  

Not great, but I was determined to finish some art today to try and break this funk. 

And that’s the end of chapter 2.  Chapter 3 will be another short chapter like chapter 1, and will start in a couple weeks! And we should have some guest comics for you kid’s to enjoy! 

Is it going to be a huge surprise to anyone that I wrote this chapter after I was dumped at the end of October? No? Well then. 

I had gone back and forth on how to end this chapter a few times, Nemmi is such a loved character that I'm afraid people might be upset. Though I did my best to allow her to hold some dignity on this page, not having her break down on screen. 

I hope to see you all again in the next chapter. 

Letter reads: Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m a bit busy this Valentine’s Day, so I can’t deliver any gifts personally, I’m sorry… I made everyone some cookies, so I hope yours arrive safely, and I hope you enjoy them! Have a wonderful and love-filled day!


As all three cookies hit Nem’s tastebuds, all the flavors exploded in his mouth. He couldn’t speak, see or even think. All the sweetness of the frosting meshed with the buttery cookie bites as he chewed. 
A M A Z I N G.