nemis clothing


At first I was all about it being some shindig at the tower and the girls wore Asgardian clothes and the boys wore Earth clothes but then I noticed that ohfUCK I GAVE THOR ELSA HAIR I FUCKED UP I FUCKED UP but thEN:

Thor: Darcy looks good in your colours, brother. But it’s about as subtle as a brick.

Loki: Well, you’d know. Anyway I can hardly have some Midgardian wretch putting his hands were they don’t belong, now can I?

Thor: Why, are you planning on making this arrangement with Darcy more permanent?

Loki: This again? I’ve told you, we’re happy as we are. So, please, let it go.

Thor: You’re the one with the ice powers.

Loki: That’s a bit below the belt.

Thor: Sorry.