when you’re just trying to get ready for your race but you accidentally make eye contact with your arch-nemesis and it gets awkward :////

more swim squids cause i kinda sorta have access to a tablet now!!! yay!!!!! i ended up changing human!marian’s design a little cause i wasn’t happy with it before

also i have a few more swim au ideas i wanna get done if i have the time….. i have a lil arnick/tetrox comic thing that hopefully won’t take too long to do and also some vadelma/marian stuff c:

bella and marian belong to @tamarinfrog as per usual!
Author Interview Life as a Teenage Vampire
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What are you working on now?

What I think might end up being my next trilogy, Lovesick Gods, though I started off thinking it would be a single book. It again is M/M romance, and is a superhero story where the hero and his nemesis become lovers, but all based on a nefarious plot by the hero that doesn’t turn out at all as he expects. I’ll be working on it especially heavily during NaNoWriMo this year. 

More at the link!

Instead of love at first sight, why not nemesis at first sight?

No, I don’t mean hate at first sight. Nemeses don’t even have to particularly dislike each other, though it’s admittedly customary.

I mean their eyes meet from across the room, and there’s a moment of instant, mutual understanding that they will one day battle to the death on some remote, storm-lashed plain with the very fate of the world hanging on the outcome.

When matching yourself with a nemesis, it’s very important to ensure that one of you is a shouter and one of you is a monologuer. If you’re both monologuers, you’ll never get around to actually battling, while if you’re both shouters, everything goes all Dragon Ball.

Litten becomes Fire/Dark and here’s why

So I’m sure 99% of everyone who hates this thing thinks it will be Fire/Fighting just because it’s clearly a wrestler. While it IS a wrestler, it’s based on a very specific wrestler:

Looks familiar, huh?

Anyone familiar with Tiger Mask might notice how I used an image of Black Tiger, Tiger Mask’s nemesis. Let’s go back to the “HEEL” part mentioned above. First, what is a heel?

So basically, they’re villains in wrestling. Why do I think Litten is a heel and not a face? Check out the now-confirmed-real concept art:

He’s spitting and hitting Pikachu with a table.

That’s not very sportsmanlike, is it? It’s exactly what a heel would do. In fact, it literally is, because the image of him spitting is something called “Asian mist”, a classic heel move where they store a nasty liquid in their mouths before the fight starts so they can spit it in their opponents’ faces to blind them.

So since heels are evil, and faces are heroes, this fits the Dark typing perfectly. In Japan, Fighting type is equal to “Hero Type”, and Dark type is directly translated as “Evil type”. Think about Dark type moves: they’re all dirty and underhanded in nature.

In closing, he’s not only NOT Fire/Fighting, he’s a direct opposition to Fire/Fighting. GameFreak gave us a starter who combats this typing because they know we dislike it. Instead of giving us a boring quadrupedal tiger with zero deeper design or cultural significance, they gave us a story and a tribute to real life and fictional characters all wrapped up in a nod to our disdain for the idea of ANOTHER Fire/Fighting type. Which is, to say, FAR more interesting than “just a big cat on fire”.

Also, he looks badass as fuck, so shut up. But that’s just my opinion. Now you now why it is designed the way it is.

Happy 20th birthday, Resident Evil!


mythology aesthetics: tyche and nemesis

these two sisters are polar opposites, yet both were feared and worshipped in the olden days. tyche is the goddess of good luck and fortune, making her hard to find. however, she looks almost exactly like her winged sister nemesis, the goddess of revenge. nemesis, with her lash and sword, will not hesitate to give you what you deserve in the blink of an eye. opposite sides of the sword that can strike you either way—perfect, aren’t they?