nemesis black

quick doodle cuz I realized I never drew an actual illustration for [Daydream], since this pic is only source of inspiration, not what they actually dress/look like in the story ( ̄  ̄|||)


Nemesis by Thomas Mein

Nemesis Mine

HEY GUESS WHAT I’m writing a chaptered fic. It’s gonna have around 15 chapters and I’ll try to update daily for @snowbaz-feda​ (try being the operative word)

Superhero/university alter-ego AU

Warnings: mild violence (turns out I’m pretty shit at writing fight scenes tho)

Chapter 1. Simon.

I want to fly away, and save us both the trouble.

‘Are you going to run?’ he sneers. ‘Go on, Snow. Go home.’

‘No,’ I growl, rushing at him, my outstretched wings catching the fading sunlight, bathing him in a strange red glow. Basilton Pitch, my arch-nemesis dressed all in black, stands on the ground in fighting stance, ready for me. He’s always ready.

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