Instead of love at first sight, why not nemesis at first sight?

No, I don’t mean hate at first sight. Nemeses don’t even have to particularly dislike each other, though it’s admittedly customary.

I mean their eyes meet from across the room, and there’s a moment of instant, mutual understanding that they will one day battle to the death on some remote, storm-lashed plain with the very fate of the world hanging on the outcome.

When matching yourself with a nemesis, it’s very important to ensure that one of you is a shouter and one of you is a monologuer. If you’re both monologuers, you’ll never get around to actually battling, while if you’re both shouters, everything goes all Dragon Ball.


Had a great stream with @sansybones and we came to the conclusion that this is pretty much how we’re characterizing Gaster’s attitude towards Sans in our comics Seems Very Interesting and Darker Yet Darker.

Original comics by Kate Beaton.

Bonus panel under the cut:

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