There is of course, in Camus’s work a pattern of thought and an evolution, both of which have often been discussed. First, Camus himself noted that his work was evolving around certain successive themes: at the beginning, the theme of Sisyphus: absurdity; then the theme of Prometheus: revolt; later, the theme of Nemesis: measure; and finally, the theme of love, which, because of Camus’s sudden death, seems to have been left undeveloped, though suggested perhaps in some of the short stories of Exile and the Kingdom.
—  “Introduction” - Camus: A Collection of Critical Essays Edited by Germaine Bree

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MODERN MYTH AESTHETICS: nemesis (greek goddess of punishment)

Nemesis as an ambitious young woman, expelled from law school for bad behavior. She dreams of punishing all the abusive husbands, corrupt politicians, neglectful parents. Her methods are unconventional, and it becomes clear that the traditional judicial system just won’t do for her. She takes to the street as a ruthless vigilante. Find her taking down a sex trafficking circle, patrolling the sidewalks at night, on the look out for villains in the dark, teaching brutal lessons to those who need it most.