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b-leikur  asked:

👑 with Evan? You've told me a long ago that he's going to be a Krokotopian pharaoh, and I wonder how your beautiful boy would look like!!~

👑 OC dressed as royalty

I-I’m so touched T///v///T Thank you for requesting my boy and paying attention to his details?? This is honestly the best feeling ever….

Anyway, here is the boy probs like in his ?? early 30s maybe?? I haven’t figure it out yet.. and I think this will be the basic design but I want to add some embellishment later! Like the Balance gear designs maybe if I can hecking figure out what it is *squints*

Thank you so much for requesting him again ;//o//; I am one Happy Koko !!!


a collection of Alton Human fan arts i’ve done for people over the past few weeks that i havent got around to uploading anywhere.

Sexy Rita for Chloe
Punky Rita for @neme-machine
Group Headshots for Chloe
Illi Lusion for @mayhemstorm

art © Mitchika