Miért olyan nehéz eldönteni, mik is vagyunk igazából?
—  Jandy Nelson: Neked adom a napot
Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 12)

Mark’s leg bounces sporadically as Bim paces the length of Dark’s office. “They’ll bring her back safe, right?” Mark asks.

Bim stops pacing, shakes his head, and goes back to pacing. “Of course. They’re the two strongest Egos. They can handle a kid.” But Bim looks doubtful. No one is really sure what Yandere is capable of.

Mark wants to scream. He’s sick of the Egos, sick of the dangers they bring, especially to Amy. Mark wants now more than ever to snatch her from their hands and take her far away where she’ll be safe, but he knows Amy too well to fool himself into thinking that she would ever allow that to happen. She loves them, and that’s all there is to say.


Dark and Wilford stand side by side outside of Yandere’s room like parents about to scold their child. Wilford knocks on the door, and Dark glares at him. “Really? You’re going to knock? And then I suppose we’ll give him a stern talking-to about the morality of kidnapping our creator’s girlfriend, is that it?” Dark rolls his eyes and swiftly opens the door to find Yandere just on the other side. “Where is she?” he demands, wanting to get this over with quickly.

“Are you proud of me?” Yandere asks, beaming up at his role model. “I did just what you did but better.”

Dark’s temper flares quickly at the pompous little Ego. He’s so young and violent that Dark almost sees a freshly created Wilford Warfstache when he looks at Yandere, but there’s something darker there, something colder and much more Dark that unnerves the older Ego. “What are you talking about? We’re taking Amy away from you now, and you’re going to be spending some time alone in the basement. How does that sound?” Dark pushes Yandere aside to grab Amy and finish this, when he feels a stab in his side.

Yandere has just stabbed Darkiplier, and Wilford Warfstache is so surprised that he stands there in awe and wonder for a full ten seconds before tackling the younger Ego and pinning him against the wall, bloodied knife still clutched with white knuckles.

Dark staggers forward in disbelief, the pain in his side pulsating with each heartbeat. It’s not the worst pain he’s ever felt, but the shock makes it a thousand times worse. This child just attacked him, and Dark was not going to let this go without a swift punishment. Dark’s shell shatters, and the Ego’s aura floods the room, dragging Yandere into Dark’s void of deafening silence and darkness.

Wilford is left gasping as the aura recedes, and he’s alone in the room. Dark and Yandere are gone, but Amy is nowhere to be found either. Warfstache staggers to his feet, brushing his hair from his eyes and looking around. “Amy? Are you hiding? Come out. It’s Wilford.” He looks high and low, even underneath Yandere’s bed where he has a disturbing collection of Amy’s belongings. A lock of her hair, several pictures, and… the dress that Amy wore the night Dark took her and Mark.

Wilford thought she’d gotten rid of it, but here it is. Warfstache shudders. As terrifying as Dark is, Yandere is somehow even more so. And now he’s done something with Amy. Not to mention Mark is going to have a fit if Wilford comes back without her.

Amy steps into the room behind him and gasps. “Wilford? What are you doing here?”

Warfstache spins around, eyes alight with joy. “Amy!” He pulls her into a tight hug. “If you ever get taken again, I’m going to have to tickle you,” he says gruffly, but even he knows by this point that he doesn’t mean it. He’s just so happy to see her safe.

Amy pulls back. “I wasn’t taken.”

Wilford’s eyebrows knit together in confusion, and his mustache twitches to the side. “Wh-what do you mean? Yandere took you and brought you here. Don’t you remember?”

Amy smiles fondly and shakes her head. “No, Wilford. I came here because I wanted to.”

“Why would you do that?” Wilford tilts his head to either side, trying to see if Amy has been replaced by an alien or possibly a well-made droid version of herself.

Amy smacks his shoulder playfully and walks past him before plopping down onto Yandere’s couch. “What do you mean, why would I do that? Don’t you know?” Amy blinks up at Wilford with one of her most genuine smiles. “I’m in love with Yandere. He’s my Senpai.”

Wolfiplier Fic Part 3

Here’s the third part to that wolfiplier fic! Sorry this took so long to come out, I’ve been busy with life so this had to take a back seat. Also, I apologize if it’s shorter than the other parts, but it seemed like a good stopping point. I’ll do my best to get Part 4 out sooner than it took for this one!! Enjoy!


Thankfully Amy had remembered to do laundry last night allowing Tyler to swiftly grab a pair of Amy’s clothes and two pairs of Mark’s clothes, one for Sean and the other for Mark. Quickly, Tyler made his way back to Mark and Amy’s room with the clothes. Once he got close, he could hear Mark’s pained grunts and sniffles as well as Amy’s soothing voice trying to calm him down. When he opened the door and entered, Signe turned to him.

“Thank you. If you don’t mind, I’m going to change back, but Sean is going to stay as a wolf till Mark is no longer dangerous.” Signe said calmly.

Tyler simply nodded in response and set the clothing on the bed. Then he turned his attention towards Mark and away from Signe so that he wouldn’t invade her privacy. Sean was watching Mark tensely as he balanced on his good leg and held the injured one off the floor. Meanwhile, Amy was kneeling next to Mark’s convulsing body and gently petting his fur and cooing to him, trying to keep him calm. Mark on the other hand was the most surprising to watch.

By now he had shrunk down in size and although still possessed the general body of a wolf, his features were changing drastically. Tyler watched silently as Mark’s ear’s shrank back into his normal one’s and his paws became more human like. Mark was still curled into a ball at this point, but as soon as his hind legs began to twitch, Tyler knew what was coming before Sean needed to say anything.

“Amy, you might want to back off for a second.” Sean warned as he moved a little closer to Mark. Amy obliged reluctantly, but as soon as she did, she was thankful for the warning.

Mark began to kick uncontrollably as his legs made cracking sounds and soon he was desperately trying to hold back screams. Finally, one of his legs snapped backwards into their normal, human position and a strained yell came from Mark. Not even a second later the other leg snapped backwards and suddenly Mark went quiet and still. Everyone in the room went tense except Amy who instantly went to his side.

“M-Mark!?” Amy cried out, her voice wavering. Signe, now human and clothed, quickly came to her side and ushered her away from Mark.

“It’s okay, he just passed out. The pain can be a bit much for newly turned werewolves.” Signe explained quietly as she sat with Amy on the floor a few feet away from Mark. Amy simply nodded as she wiped away tears.

After a short while Mark was finally nearly human again and as his fur began to go away and his facial structure return to normal, Tyler quickly grabbed a throw blanket from the bed and threw it over Mark. Finally, Mark lay still and unconscious on the floor in his normal body.

“When will he wake up?” Amy asked as she made her way back to Mark’s side and placed a small pillow under his head.

“Soon I’m sure. His body did just change, but since he ate all that food his body probably has a lot of energy all ready to go. That and he is human again which doesn’t require as much energy to maintain.” Sean said simply as he relaxed and began licking at his wounded arm. Signe promptly made her way over to her boyfriend and swatted him away.

“If you don’t mind, I need to fix up Sean’s arm. Do you guys have a first aid kit?” Signe asked Amy.

“Yeah, in the bathroom under the sink.” Amy said as she nodded towards the bathroom door.

“Thanks. Sean, mind changing back for me? And quit licking it, you know that’s not sanitary.” Signe scolded as she swatted Sean’s nose again.

“Fine.” Sean grumbled as he began to change back.

As he did, Tyler and Amy promptly looked away as Signe went into the bathroom to retrieve the first aid kit. After he changed back, Sean quickly put on the clothes Tyler had laid aside.

“Okay I’m good.” Sean stated.

Tyler and Amy gasped when they saw Sean’s arm and noticed the damage Mark had done. It wasn’t bleeding profusely, but it was definitely a deep bite leaving Sean’s forearm looking like he had been bitten by a shark.

“Dude, are you okay?” Tyler asked as he gaped at Sean’s arm.

“Yeah, it’s numb now thanks to adrenaline. Werewolves actually have awesome healing abilities so that’s why I’m not bleeding a fuck ton right now. It’ll be good as new tomorrow.” Sean said with a small smile.

“Even still, we don’t want it to get infected.” Signe said as she emerged from the bathroom with the first aid kit.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sean mumbled as Signe began to bandage his arm up.

Suddenly a low groan came from Mark.

“Mark?” Amy asked as she turned her attention to Mark.

“Amy… what happened? Where-” Mark grumbled, rubbing his head before he stopped himself. Then he remembered.

Mark quickly sat up and looked around the room. As soon as he saw Sean’s arm, tears began falling from his eyes.

“Oh god, Sean I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to! I-I couldn’t think, I just…” Mark’s voice faded until he began sobbing. Amy quickly hugged Mark to her and held him as tightly as she could while he cried.

“Mark, I’m fine. It happens, don’t feel bad. It was your first time being a wolf and I know what it’s like to-” Sean tried to state, but was cut off by Mark.

“Sean, I could’ve killed you! That’s not something that just happens, I had no control! I-I could’ve…” Mark yelled back until he fell back into Amy’s arms and continued to sob.

After catching a glimpse of Mark’s face, Tyler already knew what was happening. Quickly, he went and whispered to Sean and Signe.

“He needs to be alone with Amy for a bit, it’s the only way he’ll get better.” Tyler whispered as he quietly made his way to the door with Sean and Signe close behind. Without another word, the three of them closed the door and left Mark and Amy alone.

For a moment, Amy didn’t say anything as she continued to hold Mark while he cried. They sat there in silence for a long while before Mark finally stopped sobbing and let out a long sigh.

“I-I’m so sorry…” Mark whispered, his voice sounding broken and guilty. Amy instantly began rubbing his back as she held him.

“None of this is your fault, Mark. Sean is going to be fine, he’s a werewolf too and apparently heals really fast.” Amy whispered back softly. Mark shook his head.

“I could’ve killed him, Amy… I could’ve killed any of you! I couldn’t control anything… I’m so, so sorry.” Mark whispered until his voice caught in his throat and began crying again, but only softly this time.

Amy stopped rubbing Mark’s back and pulled his face up so that they were looking right at each other. Mark’s eyes were red and puffy from crying and screamed guilt and sorrow. Amy felt a lump in her throat when she saw Mark’s sad eyes, but quickly beat down the urge to cry. She needed to be Mark’s rock right now.

“Look, nobody is mad at you. We all know that what happened wasn’t your fault. You were turned into this against your will and no one blames you for anything that happens as a result. You’re still you so please try to understand that we know that and aren’t afraid or angry. Hell, I’ve seen more crazy, scary shit today than I have probably ever, but I’m not scared of you. Nobody is.” Amy stated firmly. At the last addition, Mark raised an eyebrow and offered a small smirk to which Amy replied with a chuckle.

“Okay, maybe Ethan is, but that’s how he is. He’ll come around. But seriously, you need to remember this: Even if you didn’t have control over why or how this happened, you have control over what does happen and how you approach this. You’re a werewolf now and for all we know, this is how things are going to be from now on. Remember what I said last night?” Amy asked, offering a small smile as Mark chuckled and smiled in return.

“I can always rely on you guys to be there for me. And if not, then Chica.” Mark said, his voice somewhat raspy from crying.

“Exactly.” Amy replied.

“Thank you… for everything. I’m sorry I got all depressed for a minute there, but I’m good now.” Mark said as he wrapped his arms around Amy and hugged her tight.

“Don’t apologize, you’re not at fault for anything.” Amy said as she hugged her boyfriend back as tightly as she could. For a moment, they sat there just hugging each other until Mark remembered something.

“I er, should probably put some clothes on.” Mark said as he let go of Amy and began looking around the room for some clothes.

“I mean, if you really want to. I don’t mind.” Amy said as she chuckled. Mark gave her a look and a wink before he stood and made his way to the bed with the blanket wrapped around him.

“I’m sure you don’t, but I remember we do have guests that I’m sure are eager to see us.” Mark said as he pulled a shirt over his head and began dressing himself.

“Boo.” Amy chuckled as she stood and returned the blanket Mark had been wearing to their bed.

Once Mark was dressed, he sat on the end of the bed and watched the door nervously. Amy noticed and gave him a quick kiss on his forehead.

“You’re fine. Let me go get them, ok?” Amy said.

Mark nodded and began playing with the end of his shirt nervously as Amy made her way to the door.

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