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I really like that you guys have a tag for diverse books. I love ur recs so please mention some lgbtq specifically m/m books? Thank you!

Hi there, friend!

We appreciate that you mentioned the diverse books tag, because diverse books are very important to us and we love to promote them. So glad you’re looking to read one! Here are some lgbtqia+ books:





  • None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio (An intersex MC)
  • Fuel the Fire by Krista and Becca Ritchie (dual POV where one of the main characters doesn’t believe in labels (one of the main issues of this book is how society needs to label him), but his sexuality would be the closest to pansexuality. He has had m/m relationships prior the relationship with the other main character (a woman). Note that this is the third book in the Calloway Sisters series (eight in the Addicted series). Fuel the Fire is the second book where this person’s POV is featured, Kiss the Sky is the first one. If you want to read Fuel the Fire, it is highly, highly recommended that you read at least Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower first, because they’re continuous novels and should be read in order.) *
  • The Heart of Aces by Sarah Sinnaeve (Eleven short stories about asexuals and the different types of relationships they have.)

*New Adult (or Adult) books which may not be suitable for younger readers.
Bolded titles are yet to be released.

We hope you find some great books to read from these! Happy reading!

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