Several fires in the Kootenays, one evacuation alert issued

By Justin McElroy

There are a number of fires in the Kootenays that crews are battling, and one evacuation alert has been issued north of Nelson.

Residents in the area between Sitkum Creek South and Willow Point (Six Mile Lakes Road) have been impacted by the evacuation alert.

The most visible of the fires is sixty hectares in size between Duhamel and Sitkum Creeks, four kilometres north of Kootenay Lake.

It’s visible from Nelson, but Southeast Fire Centre Fire Information Officer Jordan Turner says it’s not threatening any structures.

Several crews are getting in place to fight the fire, and air tankers and helicopters are in place.

Meanwhile, Highway 95 is closed between Golden and Radium Hot Springs due to a fire adjacent to the highway near Brisco.

Turner says it is eight hectares in size, but not threatening any structures. It’s unknown when the highway will be closed.

South of Cranbrook, a 30-hectare fire is burning 1.5 kilometres east of Highway 95 near Baynes Lake. There, two pieces of heavy equipment and multiple fire fighters are on scene.

And earlier in the afternoon, a fire less than a hectare in size popped up one kilometre west of Castlegar near Blueberry Creeek – but was quickly contained by airtankers and three helicopters.

The causes of all the fires are under investigation, but Turner says lightning is a probable cause in all of them.

next summer, we trek.

Next summer we are moving. We are moving to Nelson, British Columbia. Holy Shit, it has not been jotted down yet. I tried to jot it in my slingshot, but I got too nervous.

We’re moving to Canada where we will be wwoofing for x amount of time. Then we are moving to Nelson. End.

Solar garden proposed for Nelson, B.C., could be a 1st in Canada
The solar garden would provide residents with 'clean' energy and credits on their power bill

The City of Nelson, B.C., could become the first in Canada to build a community solar garden that would provide residents with “clean” energy and credits towards their power bill.

The project, put forward by the city-owned and -operated utility Nelson Hydro, would allow people to purchase power from a solar panel farm for 25 years, and receive a credit that would go towards balancing, and eventually reducing, costs on their bills.

It’s in the preliminary stages, said Carmen Proctor of Nelson Hydro, who said interest in the project is growing.

“People here really do care about the environment and they are really progressive in their way of thinking,” said Proctor.

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Acorn Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses

Acorn Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses

This is an Acorn Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. If you’re looking for a quality craftsman style tiny home builder they might be exactly what you’re looking for! But please beware, there’s very likely a waiting list at this point because the folks at Nelson have been very busy building for their clients. And I think you can see why! Please enjoy and…

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At the Nelson Vintage Fair. I got an old McLeans from ‘53 and a McCall’s from '59.
@nelson @kootenays @vintage fair (at Nelson, British Columbia)

Acorn 2 Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses

Acorn 2 Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses

This is the Acorn 2 Tiny House on Wheels by Nelson Tiny Houses. They’re tiny home builders in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. And this little cabin has about 120 sq. ft. inside with 8′ by 15′ dimensions. If you’re looking for a quality craftsman style tiny home builder Nelson might be exactly what you’ve been looking for! Either way I think you’ll really enjoy touring their tiny homes because…

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Wednesday, June 24.

Another good day.

After a leisurely start, we hit the road from Grand Prairie, Alberta at 9 a.m. and arrived Ft. Nelson, British Columbia 500 miles later at 8:00 p.m. Hot and sunny most of the day, reaching 78 mid day.

We were treated to broad, smiling sweepers all morning. From the down side of long hills the undulating road bobbed and weaved and waited scores of miles ahead.

The mountains gradually tamed. Bald black granite disappeared beneath soft green colors knit snuggly from head to toe. Vast hills upon hills upon hills rolled and rolled and rolled down and down to the horizon, finally settling back into the earth.

For over a hundred miles endless fields of grass and hay and such and forests and long wooded fence lines made me feel I was back home in the midwest again.

Slowly we began to role up gradually developing hills which if viewed from the other side would have looked like they were rolling down to settle back into the earth. Behind them veiled mountains reappeared in the smokey horizon.

Soon we were riding easy mountains again.

Hands down, Bucking Horse is the most important town between Fort Nelson and Fort St. John. My next post has more details about that.