You Are In Love {S.M}

requested// imagine based off of taylor swift’s “you are in love”

author’s note// i really love this song, and hopefully you guys will love this imagine as much as i love this song lol. so enjoy my loves!


The room was dark. It wasn’t pitch black, and if you held your hand out in front of you from a distance, you could still see it. But dark. Romantic dark. The room had few candles lit along the walls. There were some vases with roses, and a couple with lilies that were seemingly just picked from the backyard. It looked like a scene out of a movie, something that you would see in a Nicholas Sparks novel. The room smelled of old wood with soft odors of the flowers Shawn was placing in the vases. You fiddled with the creme lace at the ends of your dress you had bought in the double clearance section (apparently that’s a thing) at TJMaxx as you waited for Shawn to notice you. He didn’t. 

“Hey.” You uttered, getting Shawn’s attention. He turned around abruptly, his foot knocking over a vase. 

“Oh, God.” He tried to fix the vase, but there were glass shards everywhere. “Jesus… I’m sorry. This was supposed to be… This was supposed to be perfect. I’m sorry, this is such a mess. This isn’t even close to what I wanted for you.” He apologizes, running his hands through his hair. You chuckle a little, moving towards him, your dress fluttering as you walked towards him. Your arms found his torso, as you pulled hi as close to you as physically possible. His large hands went to your head, his fingers running through your hair ever so lightly. His other arm wrapped firmly around you, supporting your weight as you clung to one another like a wet t-shirt. “I’m sorry… This wa-” You cut him off before he could finish. 

“Shawn stop, it’s always perfect when I’m with you.” You whisper into his chest, taking in a bit of the scent of his suit. The suit was a little bit big, and it smelled like dry cleaner linen. He must have borrowed it from a friend, because he couldn’t afford to rent it. You felt his chest rise and than sink in deeply. 

“You don’t need to say that. I mean… You always point out this house and how much you want to fix it up. We can’t get it together now, but for now we could eat in here but… It’s just not working.” He ran his fingers through your hair again. He put so much stress on this one year anniversary dinner date. He put so much stress on making everything perfect. He was just a singer, playing at bars and restaurants whenever he could, and you were an artist, selling your paintings at art walks whenever they were open and people were bored or rich enough to buy them. You lived in a tiny apartment on the quietest street in Nelson, British Columbia, just trying to get by. You didn’t get to do fancy things. You didn’t get to fix up old houses as a fun couple project. You don’t get to buy each other nice presents. You didn’t get to buy a nice new dress for dinner. 

But you still had Shawn. You still had the picnic basket and old blanket to sit on, and you both knew that the back door of this house was never locked. You stargazed from this very attic many times… Since there was little to no roof. 

“Shawn, this is perfect. I love this. You made this picnic and this beautiful scene. This is the best one year anniversary anyone could ask for.” You implored. You felt him smile a bit, lightening up to the situation. 

“Well… I got you something.” He exhorted. You instantly pulled away, distraught. 

“Shawn, you said no presents. I said no presents. We agreed on no presents.” You stressed. You didn’t get Shawn anything cause you couldn’t afford it. He wasn’t supposed to get you anything. 

“The owner of that pizza joint I play for a lot was feeling generous so… So I got you this.” He pulled a box out of his jacket. Not a ring, it was bigger than that. He opened it slowly, and a locket was in it. It was nice. No, not just nice. It was beautiful. It was absolutely beautiful. It was a small heart, your first initial with his last initial. Was it…. A marriage proposal? And as soon as you thought that, he answered.

“It isn’t a proposal, more of a promise. That you’ll wear this forever.” You looked into his eyes, and you felt it. You felt all the love in the world wash over you. You felt every ounce of love anyone could feel for anyone rush all over your body. Just a small touch from him could make you feel this way, just being in the presence of him. His stupid jokes, getting coffee at the gas station at midnight, wearing his shirt. Everything. Everything about him just made you feel in love. The fact that he keeps a photo of you in his guitar case, the old sweatshirt of his you kept ever since your first date, the way he calls you his best friend. You knew he was the one. You knew that he was the one for you. Even though you didn’t life the perfect lifestyle, even though it was hard sometimes, you knew that there would be nothing that could ever come between you. 

“Yes.” You whispered. And you knew it. 

You’re in love. 

author’s note// idk how this is related to the song but it went somewhere i liked a lot so i went with it !!! i really like this one i hope you guys do too!!

next summer, we trek.

Next summer we are moving. We are moving to Nelson, British Columbia. Holy Shit, it has not been jotted down yet. I tried to jot it in my slingshot, but I got too nervous.

We’re moving to Canada where we will be wwoofing for x amount of time. Then we are moving to Nelson. End.