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My dear mess up twin @zamoradraw invited me to do a collab together for Valentine’s day and heck yeah I accepted. So we chose to draw our favorite couples for this romantic day: Septiishu (JackXWiishu) and Amyplier (MarkXAmy).

She drew the lines of Amyplier’s drawings and I drew those of Septiishu one then we coloured the drawing of the other.

Go check out her part!!! It’s awesome!!!

This is the first ever big collab we finish and I hope we can make more in the future!!! (I love doing collab with you my Foufy!!!)

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYBODY!!! Even if you don’t have a valentine, I hope you’ll have a nice day!!! 💖

Jack: @therealjacksepticeye
Wiishu: @wiishu
Mark: @markiplier
Amy: Peebles

Hope you like it 😄!!

i’m so ridiculously proud of little mix!!!!!! they’ve put so much work into 2017 and the year isn’t even halfway over!!! can u believe they flew to london to perform at the brits and flew back as soon as it was over to open for the queen that is ariana grande in front of madison square garden the very next night! can you imagine how exhausted they were? and they KILLED the brits performance and KILLED their madison square garden performance! they put their whole hearts into everything they do, whether it be a small performance at a radio station or in front of millions at the brits or even when they’re just warming up before a show, like they are ALL IN! ❤ these girls are unlike any other!!!! they’re humble, they’re so attentive to their fans, they work hard, they slay every single performance, and they have hearts of gold 💖 they supported jesy through a tough break-up with a boy who treated her wrong, they were 100% there for one another like when leigh got homesick, and nothing makes me happier than them cheering each other on when they each hit their signature high notes! i know we really wanted them to break america and hopefully they will soon! but good golly these girls work hard, they love each other, they support each other, they support us, they’re genuinely beautiful inside and out! and i’m very proud of each of them and i can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 brings!