nelson dunlop


“You read that a bunch, or you buy it used?”
“If I say I’ve read it 10 times, I’m low.”

In an episode where I lost count of the tributes to Elmore, this was one of the best. That’s one of Elmore’s favorite books, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, written by George V. Higgins, whom Elmore often credited as one of his own biggest influences. Without Higgins, we might not have Elmore, and without Elmore, well. We’d never have Raylan or any of this. In fact, they’ve even referenced it before, back in Ghosts, when the Tonin henchman is holding Winona hostage in the nursery and he asks Raylan if he’s seen the movie. “The stickup crew in that movie, the guys that Mitchum buys the guns for…” and Raylan goes, “Moe Greene and one of the fellas from Rockford Files.”

Here, though, it’s even better when Raylan flips through it fondly and then bequeaths the book to Tim. The gift that keeps on giving, especially when Tim and Nelson get the last words as Raylan leaves the office behind.

Nelson: You gonna read that book, Tim?
Tim: No, Nelson, I’m gonna eat it.
Nelson: I read fast. Have it back to you tomorrow.
Tim: Keep talking, I’m gonna throw this stapler at you.

i’ve been rewatching season 4 of justified and i want to talk about deputy nelson dunlop and how i am appalled that i have not seen a million gifsets of the man. they should exist. he is like the dewey crowe of season 4. he even wears a hat (in his case, the hat) and pretends to be raylan. and he gets duped by raylan. and also he is just the greatest okay? he is like the regular deputy marshall surrounded by all these total headcases who deliver one-liners and have no idea how to do things by the book. i bet nelson dunlop wishes he was a mall cop half the time, just to get away from those assholes.