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The voice actors behind Gorillaz

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Who is your favorite Gorillaz voice actor?

It’s a tie between Nelson De Freitas (2D) and Phil Cornwell (Murdoc). I love how when 2D sings, all you hear is Damon Albarn. But when he talks, his voice is high pitched and so adorable. I love it! As for Murdoc’s voice, his voice could go low when talks normally. But when he gets excited, like in the Internet Explorer 9 video and his Pirate Radio Sessions,  his voice would pitched up a bit. Plus, his voice is pretty soothing for some reason. I really like Remi Kabaka (Russel) and Haruka Kuroda (Noodle) too. But 2D’s and Murdoc’s voice has to be my favorite. 

This video shows behind-the-scenes footage of the recording for the Gorillaz G-Bites back in Phase 1. It’s really cool and very interesting!

2 down, 2 more to go...

Looks like Russel (Remi Kabaka) and 2D (Nelson De Freitas) are back together again in the studio. According to Nelson’s Instagram, everything seems to be running smoothly and it looks like they’re having a great time together. It’s great to see them reunite again after a long time. Now that we have 2D and Russel, all is left is Murdoc (Phil Cornwell) and Noodle (Haruka Kuroda). We’ve been getting a lot of information about the band this month. We must be getting closer. I have a feeling that Damon and Jamie are gonna surprise us with something big. I think Phase 4 will be the missing puzzle of the story line. I bet it’ll be the next chapter for Gorillaz.