So since @hcolleen and I finished our last rp finished we’ve moved on to a new couple, Lafai Ferelan and Nelon Lhinaion. Lafai’s a russian blue cat shifter (who is enormous, omg) and Nelon, who’s a sugar addicted elf. Nelon’s recovering from starvation etc. 


Nelon all but puffed up in annoyance, but closed his eyes and turned his face away at the lick, stifling a laugh. “Don’t dangle sugar in front of me like that,” he complained. “It’s mean.”

“I’m not dangling it, I’m asking you to moderate your dietary intake and to make sure you eat a good balanced diet, too.”  Lafai licked at Nelon’s cheek.  "You know that’s important.“

“I’m eating more healthily than I ever have,” Nelon said, ducking his head, pushing at Lafai’s shoulder, laughing a little. “Even without the sugar,” he complained.

Since Nelon was laughing, Lafai thought he was in a good enough mood.  He let him go and sat back down.  "Okay, but I promise, as long as you live here, you’ll not run out of sugar.  You don’t have to eat it all at once,” he teased.

Nelon raised his head and wiped his cheek. “But it tastes so good,” he said, sighing. He dropped his eyes to the floor. “I’ve never tasted anything so wonderful in my life, it makes my whole body warm. If it’s there I want it.”