@nellymirikitani i can try and help with parts of your birthchart! i’m still learning most :( if you want- DM me your birth info and i’ll do the chart tonight or tomorrow (i may be out all day today for the bday) 

nellymirikitani replied to your post “Ooc, what types of people in general do you find unattractive? Or is it not a certain look but more of a “some individual people just aren’t - well pretty/attractive/etc”

Everyone is beautiful. Snuff said.

Eh. I beg to differ. 

Calling someone beautiful is to say that they bring you great satisfaction or pleasure when you see them or hear their voice, among other things. They simply delight the senses of your mind. 

So if I don’t feel that someone is bringing me "great satisfaction and/or pleasure when I see or hear them” then by definition they’re not beautiful.

Just sayin'