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Name: Janelle

Nicknames: nells, nelly, janelley beans & J

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: I’m roughly 5′2″

Orientation: Pretty sure I’m straight 

Ethnicity: I’m part French & part Irish

Favourite fruit: Peaches

Favourite season: Either Spring or Winter

Favourite book: Ooo I really like The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Favourite flower: Oooo either Orchids or Lavender

Favourite sent: I really love the smell of winter (??) & the smell of bread or any other sweets baking

Favourite colour: Mauve

Favourite animal: holy crap I love literally every single animal but I’ll just say koalas

Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa: COFFEE

Average Sleep Hours: lol like 6

Cat or Dog Person: I love both <3

Favourite fictional character: what the heck I have so many but right now I’m really loving Jim Halpert from The Office {aka my husband}

Number of blankets you sleep with: omg like 4

Dream trip: Australia or Greece

Blog created: Omg well I think started my TS blog in like June of 2015 ?? who knows

Number of followers: 2383

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Nelly Nell - Nellito’s Way …… “Freshside U” on the way. #SupaIceCold

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