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13 Countries that Beat the US to Putting a Woman on Paper Currency

So the U.S is a little late to the game. 

Mexico’s got Frida Kahlo

the Philippines have former President Corazon Acquino

New Zealand has their famous suffragette Kate Sheppard

women’s rights activist Fatma Aliye Topuz is on Turkey’s 50-Lira note

there’s Queen Zenobia on Syria’s note

Cameroon even has an unidentified woman

Japan’s first prominent woman writer Ichiyo Higuchi is on the 5,000 Yen note

Australia has got their opera singer Nellie Melba

Eva Perone on Argentina’s 100-Peso bill

Sweden has “Pippi Longstocking” creator Astrid Lindgren

Denmark has author and baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke

Jane Austen is due to be featured on England’s 10-pound note

Israel will feature two women Rachel Bluwstein and Leah Goldberg

The Lady in Blue (Mr and Mrs J.S. MacDonald) (1902). Hugh Ramsay (Australian, 1877-1906). Oil on canvas. Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Nellie Melba suggested that Ramsay come to London to paint her portrait. Accordingly, he went and stayed with John Longstaff at St Johns Wood. He had four works accepted for the British Colonial Art exhibition at the Royal Institute Galleries, including Lady in Blue, the portrait of Mr and Mrs MacDonald. Ramsay was interested in the overall harmony and balance of the composition.