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Seriously I couldn't agree more. Randy said, America this is the best singer in America. Vote for the best singer. NO. I will not. I'll vote for my favorite/who I want to win. Just because she can raise her voice and sing ballads doesn't mean she'll sell records. She's unoriginal and belongs in a choir.


Also, most people that have the save used on them go home soon after. So even though they saved her America might be saying bye to “the best singer in America” pretty soon. 

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I've seen ONE post on tumblr that somebody got a ticket. Now go look at stub hub. I'm convinced that old asshole guys bought all the tickets and are selling them for WAY more than what they're worth. Ridiculous haha

I know right!? I fucking haaaate scalpers. do they think money grows out of our asses? and when the concert date comes and NO ONE buys those thousand dollar tickets, they’ve basically wasted alll that money.

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Hey, I saw your gif tutorial on how to put gifs into shapes but it didn't help me. Lets say I want to put a gif into a number. Like the number 6 or a double digit 60. Or even a letter H or something. How would I do that? With pictures, you just paste it in. Im not sure how to do it with gifs.

Instead of using shapes to cut the images, use the letters and numbers. So, say you wanted the letter H, just get your type tool and type ‘H’ in whatever font you like and make it as large as you like and then Ctrl (or Cmd) + Click the type layer which should outline the shape of the letter. Inverse the selected area and go through each frame/layer and delete the excess.

Then just follow the steps as per normal. 8D If that wasn’t clear enough, just let me know and I’ll try help you through. ^^

nellllyxben replied to your post: First off, assure yourself I am not a Habs fan. The Ole’ Ole’ came from YOUR stupid fans singing that at the game last night before your team even won. You only sing that when you’re sure you’ve won the game. My team has a Cup, went further than your team last year because your team wasn’t even in it. Just being in the first round doesn’t mean shit, but you sure think so. Again you seem to think that mouthing off about lifting Lord Stanley means it’s so -NOT. No apologies for the truth.

And the ole ole ole song is actually JO-SE JO-SE JO-SE. Stupid hockey fans. Learn your shit. We were chanting because our goalie made an amazing save. Fuck everybody haha