nellies diary

domande che mi affliggono
  • ma dov’è che jax e fedez comprano gli esami all’università? così, per sapere.
  • ma che fine ha fatto nelly furtado?
  • perché non è socialmente accettato andare in giro col pigiama? ho visto gente vestirsi peggio del mio completino rosa confetto con scritto DON’T BE SCARED con tutti cuoricini ovunque
  • ma perché la domenica deve essere così pigra e tutti i miei buoni propositi vanno sempre a farsi friggere?

Gyaru Make Up Tutorial

I made a tutorial on one of my daily gyaru looks; the more rokku-ish, dark, sexy and dramatic look!
I was requested to do this tutorial by quite a lot of people on and Instagram, so I hope people will enjoy this and find it helpful!

I’m leaving for Helsinki to see the GazettE live tomorrow! The live is at Sunday, and I’m so darn happy and excited ;-;;
I mean, wow… I will finally hear my favourite band of all time live.
After years of dreaming of seeing them live, I finally will.
Someone catch me, I’m falling ;-;;

Deep post of the evening beware

I used to hate my name so much a few years ago
But like
When Julia, Alex and Laura began calling me by my real name instead of nicknames and shit I just???? Gradually began to feel comfortable with my name.
Tho I still think my name has an odd sound too it, I don’t cringe when I hear people say it anymore. I actually feel kinda good when people say my name. Idk.