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I really can’t believe this is happening. Some Michellie shippers are actually HAPPY because Michael broke up with his TWO-YEAR GIRLFRIEND MEGHAN. 

It seems that some people are celebrating the break up…But haven’t you imagined all the sorrow that Michael might be suffering right now?? I mean, i’ve never been on a relationship, but i think that two years is a lot, and he’s not even 19! I would like to give him a REALLY big bear hug and never leave him. 

Don’t get me wrong, Michellie is my OTP, and i would love to see them as a couple, but, I don’t think this is something we should be celebrating, no matter how much we love Michellie, it’s just wrong! 


Blake & Nellie - {Blellie Love}

What If Nellie had stayed to Romanticality week

Erik White: “Romanticality. […] Do your own romantic thing in school. I want to see conection. I want to see chemistry. I want to see, like, those little moments. That’s what I need.” But not of you Nellie. You’re gonna to have sexy scenes with everyone; straight sexy, lesbian sexy. Ah! I almost forgot. You’ll be doing this wearing a sexy bunny outfit.


Drawing Fire, and other Gleeful Tales

I know i’m far from being a trend maker, but i really want that everyone who loves Nellie, Michael, Blake and Charlie to read this awesome Fic.

I will try to trend #DrawingFire on twitter to promote the story because it’s truly worth reading and, in my opinion and of many others readers, the story is much better than the actual Glee.