nellie and yani

canadian characters! i think i’m gonna call this thing “great white north”, but it’s subject to change!

nellie is the protag. she’s of acadian descent and she comes from a pretty big family. she’s always tanned because she runs around outside and her knees are constantly bruised and scarred from falling out of trees. she has a fake tooth because she once fell face-first on a rock after rough-housing with one of her brothers. that red sweater she’s wearing is really itchy and baggy because it belonged to her father when he was a lad. it’s a fisherman’s sweater and she loves it because her dad told her that it’s made from real bear (even though it’s clearly wool and dyed red). 

yani is her BFF and is a cute aboriginal girl. yani also comes from a huge family, who live in a nearby reserve, but spends a lot of her time at her grandmother’s house which is near nellie’s. yani likes to think of herself as very girly and sophisticated, but she is a huge fan of hockey and wears a hockey jersey hand-me-down from her older sister. although nellie and yani are best friends, they can get into a lot of disagreements because yani doesn’t like to play outside as much as nellie does, because whenever they do get to play, they always wind up getting all gross and falling in the dirt.