Lady Bathgin's French 75

Or, I wish oh wish it were summer.

Hello, gentle readers. It is winter in New York, which isn’t nearly as jaw-droppingly awful as winter in Boston, or Buffalo, or other places that begin with “B”. But today I had to spend an hour out-of-doors trying to help my brother find his car. We were not successful, although it turns out we walked passed it twice. As it is his car and not mine, I feel that the blame for my frozen legs rests squarely on his shoulders.

And the whole time, I thought of summer in New York City, and the sweating, and the smells, and the constant fear of having some absolutely foul thing land on my be-sandal foot. But then I remembered things like gelato, specifically, a mix of lemon gelato and lavender honey gelato I once tried at around the corner of the NYC Tenement Museum

And now that I am safely soaking in a nice hot bath far, far away from Harlem and lost cars*, I decided to share my alcoholic version of it with you all. Sorry, not sorry, traditional French 75. 

Lady Bathgin’s French 75

1.5 oz dry London gin

.5 oz lemon juice

.75 oz (or more to taste) of lavender honey simple syrup

Brut bubbly white wine of your preference

lemon peel twist to garnish

First make the simple syrup. I know others will mock me for this but fuck them, I spent an hour helping my brother try to find his car that we walked passed twice, so like me, you can make this shit in the microwave. Put equal parts honey, lavender sugar**, and water in a cup. Place it in the microwave. For the love of God let it get hot, but don’t let it bubble over. Hot honey sugar water is incredibly painful and will only ruin this otherwise magical experience. Carefully remove from microwave, let cool. If you are in a rush (like me, because of lost car frustrations), put it in the freezer for a bit. Do I look like I give a fuck? I’m drinking in the bathtub!

Once it is no longer BURNING, shake the simple syrup, gin and lemon juice with ice. Strain into champagne glass. Top with the bubbly, garnish with the lemon peel.

Enjoy with some lavender bath salts, or lavender bubbly bath. Lavender. Lavender FOREVER. 


*He did find it. Hours later. After I went home.

**ALRIGHT here’s the deal. My mom made me lavender sugar, and I just keep food grade lavender around my house because I’m an old lady. Also the more lavender you use the pinker the syrup gets. PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK. 


Jason Webley played this at WTNV Live in October, and I thought nellachronism and I were going to pee ourselves from laughing so hard.

A++ would guffaw again.

Hey Brooklynites and denizens of boroughs beyond!

Tomorrow at The Way Station (683 Washington Ave., Prospect Heights), the ladies of Nerd Cabaret will be celebrating ONE YEAR OF NERDY AWESOMENESS by performing some of our favorite numbers from past shows.  Featuring Ashley Boehm, Sarah Biz, Joy Seldin, Hilary Thomas, and the internet’s own Antonella Inserra, it’s going to be the best clip show ever!

There’s no cover, no minimum, but if you wanna throw us $5 to help us pay our amazing accompanist, Benjamin Steinhardt, it would be much appreciated.  Dude looks just like Rory Williams, come on, you know you want to give him five bucks.  :D

Show starts at 8:00pm, but come early to catch a screening of Avengers and get your pre-game drinking on!  The screening starts at 5:00.