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Let there be peace in the NCISLA fandom

There seems to have been a bit of… bickering within some of the NCISLA fandom recently. It’s been a long and challenging season, which seems to have… provoked some… spirited passion among some fans. Thus, like Deeks, I feel we might be due for some humor to defuse the tension. Below you will find DensiLand’s take on how the characters might react to the current state of the fandom.

Hetty: This reminds me of the time I ruled Nicaragua for 72 hours…. With a pointed Gorgon stare, You know I could make this so much worse.

Callen: Who are all you people? I WILL figure out who started this whole mess! (And do any of you know my first name?)

Granger: I do not approve of fans; everyone back to work!

Eric: Hang on, I can write an algorithm to fix this.

Nell: Now everyone sit down in groups of similar opinions. You each will have the opportunity to calmly and respectfully share your thoughts. And don’t give me any sass!

Kensi: Yeh, what she said. And be quiet or else I WILL shoot you.

Deeks: Wait, what? Let’s just go grab a beer cause I know you all love me! I mean look at this; I’m 365 days of heaven!

Sam: No, let’s all take a moment to meditate on the words of my favorite rapper, “Team work makes the dream work.” As he throws a kiss and the peace sign with a dimpled smile and wink, Much love!


John Peter Kousakis: Starbucks for everyone!

Joey Wilson: Boom!

Dave Kalstein: I’m going to share with you an abstract parable that will help align your mind and spirit to deal with this chaos, while my buddy Rafael demonstrates how to appropriately attack against these verbal assaults with his new custom blade.

Ok, deep breath everyone and let’s remember why we love this show, even if it’s for different reasons. As we prepare for “Three Hearts”, I consider this title as the cast, crew, and the fandom. The cast and crew work hard to make us love the show and we are part of the “team” that makes the dream work! So let’s get back to “work”.


OMG. I feel like the “teacher” gave me a “gold star”!

I'm really confused about this sudden deficit of platonic relationships between M/Fs on TV shows?

So can we make a list right quick cuz maybe I’m missing something…

Just add onto the shows that you watch and I will add it onto this master list. I want to do a little experiment..

Sleepy Hollow:

Jenny x Ichabod

Abbie x Frank

Abbie x Andy

Corbin x Abbie x Jenny

Frank x Jenny

New Girl:

Jess x Winston

Jess x Schmidt

Jess x Coach

Nick x Cece

Coach x Cece

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Sweater wearing Deeks is an interior decorator, according to Chatty Show Runner and spoilers from

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Hetty shook up the team by sending Kensi off with Granger on a top-secret mission in Afghanistan, thus (somewhat) disrupting the growing closeness between Deeks and his partner. 

COMING UP NEXT | Kensi’s assignment “came at the very, very worst possible time for her and Deeks,” show boss Shane Brennan acknowledges. “But it’s been a lot of fun, and we’ve really enjoyed doing it” – which is in essence found gold, seeing as Season 5 wasn’t headed that way until it needed to set up Daniela Ruah’s maternity leave. And while Brennan long ago ruled out writing in that pregnancy, “Densi” nonetheless is on track to experience a shock “that turns everything on its head … and impacts them in a very, very, very big way.” Until then and elsewhere, viewers can count on “a lot of fun episodes” that play off the classic Callen/Sam chemistry, an episode where Deeks goes undercover as a “fabulous” interior decorator named Sven and a February sweeps outing guest-starring Danny Trejo (Machete) as a man from Hetty’s past. And while Nell will continue to find herself “out and about” with field assignments, Eric’s “past life pays a call on him” on or around Episode 17.