His Royal Highness

I was playing around with Procreate and decided to draw my version of Saiyan Royalty. I was inspired by a fantastic fanfic, “Camouflage”.
This is not from the Fic mind you, it was just an inspiration, though that’s on my list of fanart! I wanted a touch of indigenity or something ethnic; I hope I pulled that off!

Oh yeah, also I’m trying to change up my style a bit.


Born From The Water

Okay so I saw a drawing that inspired me to draw this.

I cannot find it anywhere because I wanted to post the link to this…

Anyway, in the drawing it’s a man wrapped with a snake woman’s body and they’re about to kiss. I was looking at his pose and decided to draw it out (cause I liked it so much), and came up with this! I wanted something unique I guess, and instead of a snake body, I wanted tentacles.
Don’t ask me what’s going on! I have in my mind the story to this but I’m a little embarrassed to write it out cause I suck at writing. I am NO writer :( I wish the line work wasn’t so black but what can I do? I can’t change it up now.

If anyone finds the original drawing that inspired this, PLEASE message me the link and I will post it on here. PLEASE!